Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I am pretty pleased with my self today. I managed to get all the boys bathed and ready and on time to a 9:00am doctors appointment. I even jogged this morning. And from there, I continued to finish up Christmas shopping for Spencer with all three crazies in tote and I didn't loose a single one of them. We even squeezed in a little playground time for the boys.

It's always funny to watch how kids react to Reid at the playground. They are so different than grown ups. Kids will always stare at his prosthetic, touch the lock, knock on it to make sure his leg is really plastic. A kid today was trying to ask Reid about it. Reid really didn't get what this kid was talking about (he's not even 2 yet). So this 4 year old kid hunted down Parker, asked if he was Reid's brother and proceeded to ask Parker all about it. My kids are so young, they have no idea it's not normal. Parker answered the boy's questions, but really didn't know why he was so curious. It's just a plastic leg. Reid really doesn't mind. He just likes that other kids are paying attention to him.

Parker and this boy decided to become friends and declared the platform at the top of the playground a big boys club. They roared at the girls sitting up there until they ran away screaming. It's amazing how easy it is for kids to make friends. A simple question...Do you want to be my friend? all it takes. No caring about their age or how their dressed or even how nice they are to you. I need to take a lesson.


Lisha said...

Aren't kids great?

Cynthia said...

You are a super-mom! (You ought to make yourself a super-hero cape!)

jeanine said...

I love that about kids!