Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bad Karma

I guess this is what I get for laughing so hard at Chief last week...this morning on my jog, I biffed it. Those darn neighbors who don't rake their leaves. I couldn't see that I was running over uneven sidewalk and I tripped. As soon as I started going down, Chief thought I was speeding up and he took off running...making it impossible for me to catch myself. I ripped a hole in my pants and in my gloves. Blood was dripping down my pants and I now have scabs on both knees and my hand.

I haven't fallen like that in I don't know how long. I was stiff for at least an hour afterwards. When I hit the ground, an audible moan escaped my lips. Nothing like a fall to make me realize I'm older than I think I am. My kids fall at least daily and just pop right back up and carry on with their task. Maybe now I'll be a little more sympathetic those times they pretend their hurt by it.


Lisha said...

What a bummer! I always feel so sheepish when I biff it. It does make you feel old when you remember when you were a kid and were able to pop up like nothing happened. I've noticed signs that I'm getting old when I don't want to jump down the stairs any more cuz I'm afraid I'll actually break my leg or sprain my ankle. At what point do you reach that place where fun, daring things, are viewed more as potential trips to the emergency room?

Cynthia said...

Yikes! It is surprising as an adult to suddenly find yourself on the way down to the pavement. It happens so rarely I'm not quite prepared with a proper landing.
When Rachel was a baby, I tripped on the cement stairs walking down from our 2nd floor apartment. Instinct made me wrap myself around her while going down. My neighbor came out when he heard Rachel crying (she was fine). I was so embarassed I said, thanks but I'm fine and went back inside and tended to my many bloody wounds. I probably could have used my neighbor's help.
So did anyone see your face plant?

~Pedersens~ said...

that ought to really wake you up first thing in the morning! glad you didnt injure yourself too bad.