Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We Know That Deliverence is Nigh

I just got back from my latest OB appointment and ruined any chances I had of the boys taking a nap today. I try not to schedule the appointments during their nap, but sometimes it's all I can get. Luckily, Spencer works about two minutes from my OB office so they got to have a lunch date with dad while I got to have 30 minutes of child-free discomfort at the dr. And since the boys slept a combined total of 10 minutes on the drive home, they are refusing to take naps and the tantrums are so loud I can hardly hear myself think enough to type. I'm choosing to ignore the tantrums. Responding only makes them worse. So what better way to spend tantrum ignoring time than blogging. The only benefit of a nap-less afternoon is how early I can get them down tonight. And since Spencer will be away at meetings tonight, I'll be happy for the extra time.

So my pregnancy is progressing nicely. All these contractions are at least doing me a little good. I'm about 3 1/2 centimeters dilated, 50% effaced and the babies head is in the birth canal and ready to go. Not bad for being 37 weeks I suppose. The dr. feels that there's no reason why I shouldn't reasonably expect to go into labor on my own in the next couple weeks, especially because this is my third real close together. While that's a nice thought, she apparently has no idea that I don't go into labor on my own. Even though that may mean something for most women, for me, it just means extreme discomfort for the next couple weeks. If she's wrong, I am scheduled to be induced at 8:30am on the 27th. It's nice to have date set so I know I don't have to wait more than two weeks and a day. I can handle that...maybe.

Besides today's tantrums of extreme tiredness, the boys have been getting along rather well lately. That should bode well for them considering a new brother will soon be in the mix. It's amazing to me that when we have an entire driveway and sidewalk to use as a canvas, they insist on sharing the same three inches to color on with sidewalk chalk. And while that usually initiates fights, yesterday they were more than happy to share that same three inches. And when they had filled those three inches and one of them moved on, the other was soon to follow. Watching your children willingly get along is one of the greatest joys of motherhood. They even behaved well during sacrament meeting on Sunday. We didn't have a single outbreak from either boy at church. No fights over sippie cups, fruit snacks, colored pencils, Hymn books, toy cars, or anything. If it weren't for the pretzel Spencer so lovingly threw at me, I would have been able to enjoy all of sacrament meeting. It's like he couldn't handle finally having to pay attention after three years of not. Not to worry Spencer, I'm sure that was a one time deal. I can't be so lucky to have well behaved boys two weeks in a row. Plus, a new brother I'm sure will shake things up around our house.

While Parker and Reid may be getting along with one another, I'm sure they will be teaming up against the new baby, and me for that matter real soon here. Parker still insists that he wants an ugly brother, but he's come to grips with the fact that babies don't have pointy, sharp teeth (or any teeth at all). He's decided that no matter what we name the baby, he's going to call him Sam. I don't know where he comes up with these things.

The tantrums have now died down thanks to 15 solid minutes of ignoring the boys. Now they have teamed up to destroy my unusually clean house. Like I mentioned before...I'm so glad they're finally getting along.


Traci Elizabeth said...

Katie....I wish I could just spend one day at your house. It sounds chaotic but fun!! I think you will go into labor real soon--actually I have no idea, but I have high hopes for you to have it over soon. I am excited for baby boy #3 to arrive!!

jeanine said...

I'm with Traci... your house sounds like lots of fun! I wish we lived closer so our boys could play with each other!
And so nice that you have a date to be induced!

Jessica said...

So exciting!! I hope that he comes early for you. I am glad to hear that someone elses kids didn't want to sleep yesterday either. Sounds like it only gets funner with two.

Lauri said...

Just as a grandmother's note...regardless of what Katie says in her blog, she is highly organized, has a clean house, and well-behaved (although quite noisy) boys. She's a fun mom. I wish I'd been that relaxed and fun when I had small children around.

Autumn said...

I cannot get over Parker's desire to have an ugly baby brother with sharp teeth. That absolutely cracks me up. I really hope Dr. Shepherd is in town this time, I don't think she would send you home the way Dr. Bell (?) did. That's terrible. At least the weather has been favoring you this past week! What a relief.

SHIRLEY'S said...

Hey katie! its so good to find some more good friends on here! and you are expecting your 3rd baby! thats exciting! and from what traci said its another boy! WOW!!! best of luck to you! love and miss you!

Pedersens said...

Katie! it is Jennifer Pedersen (Stowell) - Traci and Jeanine found me and i am so happy because then i went blog hopping and found a bunch of Corona people! so fun. Looks like things are going well for you, baby #3 on the way? you go girl! Keep us updated.