Thursday, September 20, 2007

Can I be a squirrel?

After reading over my last several posts, I really I have been distracted by my current state of misery. I can hardly concentrate on anything else when I feel so awful and am so close to delivery. So I apologize to all my readers. Although I can't promise to improve for a little while now, at least not until my life is back in balance.

My efforts to remain at home seem to be impossible. I don't leave the house on my own volition, but something always seems to get me out of the house. Last night was one such occasion. The boys and chief and I all piled into the car to pick up Spencer from work and we ended up eating a picnic dinner on the lawns were he works. During dinner, Parker asked if he could be a squirrel. Not quite sure what that meant, we said sure. Parker, with no previous tree climbing experience proceeded to shimmy and climb right up a nearby tree. He climbed so high that Spencer could barely reach the tips of his toes, which was only a problem when it was time to get down. Parker would have continued higher had we given him the OK. Getting down was not the exciting process that getting up was. It took quite a bit of coaxing on Spencer's part. But he made it down safely and Parker can now add tree climbing to his resume and list of favorite things to do.

I did manage to leave the house with the camera this time. And when I headed to the car for the camera and Spencer was busy keeping an eye on our squirrel, Reid climbed onto the table to finish off everyone's meals...drinks included. He was left soaking wet and we were all left thirsty. I caught him in the act. And the last picture is of Chief. I've mentioned my dog several times, but don't think I've ever posted a picture. He's big and slightly irritating, but packed with personality himself. He'd have to be to live in our house.


Traci Elizabeth said...

Maybe you can talk Parker into being a squirrel for Halloween and Reid can be a nut.

jeanine said...

Parker storied never cease to make me laugh!