Tuesday, August 7, 2007

One Foot Advantage

I was bathing the boys the other day and they were sticking the plastic cups they play with in the bath tub on their feet. When Reid put the cup on his stump, it went all the way up to his knee. And we all thought that was pretty awesome. So then I started to think about all the other advantages of having only one foot and a prosthetic leg (which goes clear up to his knee).
  • When he wears a cup on his foot it goes all the way up to his knee

  • If ever he wants to be a pirate for Halloween, he'll make a great peg-leg

  • At play group this afternoon an older kid referred to it as a robot leg

  • He can only get a sunburn on one leg

  • He has 5 less toenails to clip (and it's not an easy task clipping a 1 year olds toenails)

  • He has one less foot to wash and dry at bathtime

  • If he steps in a puddle with shoes and socks on, he only has to experience that sloshy discomfort with one foot

  • When he plays in the snow, only one foot will be unbearably cold

  • If he steps on something sharp with his prosthetic, he won't bleed

  • His foot sits on a stand when he sleeps

  • It won't hurt when he stubs his toe

  • If ever he gets in a fight, as boys do, he has a secret weapon (it hurts pretty bad to get kicked by that thing...so far he hasn't done it on purpose, but he'll soon learn)

  • People freak out when you pull his leg off to go through airport security

  • He'll be able to play awesome tricks on people
  • He only has half the chance of developing foot problems (ingrown toenails, athletes foot, corns, planters warts, and all the other gross diseases of the foot)
  • When he's been wearing shoes with no socks, only one foot stinks

  • He's the only kid in nursery who has one

  • According to the latest Olympic debate, he'll have the "advantage" in athletics

  • If you ever get paired with him in a three legged race, it will be more like a two legged race.
  • He'll win any standing or hopping on one leg contest

  • His legs are two different colors

  • If (heaven forbid) he decides to wrestle in high school, it will be easy for him to "drop weight" - He can just take his foot off
  • He can't sprain or break his ankle

These are all the advantages I could think of in just 5 minutes. Given more time, I 'm sure there are many more to list. It's pretty awesome. He's doing so well.


Traci Elizabeth said...

Also imagine the sympathy card he will be able to play with the girls when he starts dating!!!

Jeff said...

I really enjoy reading your blog sis...So much fun.

jeanine said...

I loved this list... especially being a pirate for halloween!