Thursday, August 9, 2007

Alter Egos

Parker has taken on a few alter egos this week. Actually, it started a little over a week ago when he insisted he was no longer Parker, he is now Superman. He doesn't just have moments where he's pretending to be Superman. He's Superman all the time. When we're out and someone asks him his name, he replies in complete seriousness, "Superman." When I ask him to do something, he won't do it until I ask Superman to do it. It's like he's completely tuned out to 'Parker.' It's as if he doesn't know who Parker is. When I say "I love you Parker" or "Thanks Parker" or anything to that effect, he gets mad and tells me he's Superman. So that went on for week, and then he started branching out. He's still Superman most of the time. A couple of times he's been Curious George. But my favorite and by far the most unusual, is Al Roker. He's been Al Roker the past two days. Yesterday I called to Parker at the top of the indoor playground and he announced that it was not him, but Al Roker driving the spaceship. The rest of the parents there got a kick out of that one. He found an atlas this morning and has been carrying it around the house telling me where it's going to be a "hot and rainy day." He also repeats regular phrases of Al Rokers. He's such a nut. I always hoped I would have a kid who did funny things like this. And I'm glad I do, but it is a little difficult keeping his alter egos straight.

While Parker has been busy personifying these characters, Reid has taken on an alter ego of his own. Maybe not an alter ego, but he's playing a serious game of "Do As I'm Doing" with Parker. Since they've been in the same room, Reid has followed Parker around mimicing his every move. If Parker gets out of bed, Reid does. If Parker wants chocolate milk, Reid does. If Parker sets his blanket somewhere, Reid puts his right next to Parkers. If Parker sets his sippie on a shelf, Reid will put his there, too, even if it means climbing to reach that shelf. If Parker is playing with his bear, Reid has to get his. Reid inevitably wants every toy Parker has. So I guess if Parker is busy being someone else, at least we have Reid here to be Parker. Now we just have to find someone to be Reid.

These boys keep me busy.


Traci Elizabeth said...

so...your son thinks he's a super hero, a monkey, and a balding black man. Totally normal.=)...I dont think I would ever leave Parker's side if I lived near you guys, he sounds hilarious!

jeanine said...

Too funny! Parker has quite an imagination. And Al Roker? That's my favorite!

Jeff said...

Let's be honest, who doesn't secretly wish they were Al Roker? Kids just don't have the tact to not let people know.

Autumn said...

That is HILARIOUS! How many kids his age even know about Al Roker?! My nephew went through a phase of only responding to Buzz Lightyear. Someone told me yesterday that when asked what her name was (in school) she said Cinderella, oh the condifidence of a child!