Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Down in Fraggle Rock

We got a new computer yesterday with a camera built in. So now since I have my own personal photo booth, you can see exactly what I look like when I post my blogs. And that's the exact face I'm making while I'm typing.

I went in for a hair cut on Saturday and wanted something new. Being pregnant, there's not much I can do to add a little spice to my look. Spicy maternity clothes are hard to come by. And with my feet swollen to a size 11 wide, I can't even add a little fashion in my footwear. Except for a great pair of black and white polka dot church shoes...which were a sweet find...I don't leave the house without flip flops or something of the sort. So my hair is all I have. And I don't have a lot to work with. As a dear college room mate once pointed out, I have "low quality" hair. I've been sick of looking ten years older than I am. People who tend to compliment my hair are much closer to my moms age than my own. I needed change. And short hair really isn't the look of twenty-somethings these days, but it's my only option. So since the rest of my family is currently sporting the faux hawk, I thought I'd join the Smith family rage and sport the feminine version myself. The picture is from the side and you don't quite get the whole effect, but I'm pretty happy with it. I'm still trying to figure out how to fix it and get it to stand up just the right amount. I'm a little nervous it won't grow out well. But I think I'm on the right track. And If I'm not, at least it makes my face appear thinner.

Spencer graduated Magna Cum Laude this weekend and is now the proud owner of a master's degree. Graduation was a little long in a small stadium seat not quite big enough for an eight month pregnant wife of a graduate. I had to sit there for nearly four hours and since Parker and I were Spencer's only fans there, I couldn't even leave early or have anyone to save my seat while I stretched my legs. It was a rotten few hours, but worth it for all the work Spencer's put in. I'm proud of him myself. And to graduate with such a fantastic GPA from such a great school is quite an accomplishment.

Does anyone remember Fraggle Rock? Thanks to Columbus Public Library, we have (temporarily) in our possession season 1 on DVD. We've checked it out a few times now. My kids love it. Who knew Fraggle Rock would turn out to be a timeless classic? But with a theme song like theirs, they deserve to be a classic. I think I'd like to adopt it as my new motto in life. So I'll close my blog with words to live by from the Fraggles:

Dance your cares away.
Worries for another day.
Let the music play.
Down in Fraggle Rock.


Traci Elizabeth said...

You will have to post more pics so we can get the full effect..but it looks cute! By the way.. sometimes I swear you and I are on the same page. Just a couple of days ago, I was thinking about Fraggle Rock but I couldn't remember the name of it!! So, Thanks!!!!!

Jeff said...

You for got the *Clap, Clap* in the fraggle rock theme song!
P.S. I'm guessing this computer with a camera is a new mac...I am therefore filled with an immense amount of jealousy.

Autumn said...

Katie, what a fun picture. And what a nice computer feature! Yikes, I can empathize with the summer pregnancy minus two others to chase!! You look great.

jeanine said...

Your hair does look super cute! And Fraggle Rock... Rich and I will wander the mall sometimes for our weekly date and we have seen Fraggle Rock stuff. We always talk about what a good show that was... I wish OUR library had it so I could check it out for William!

jeanine said...

ps. Congrats to Spencer!!!

keycatandme said...

We think you look GREAT. I look like Jabba the Hut,I'm not pregnate. Mom says she wore the fashion statement of the times Moo Moo's to the floor.
We think Spencer is AWESOME!!!!

Lauri said...

since you look so cute from the neck up, you ought to just carry a fence or a big cardboard box around all the time to hide the rest of you...or could it be that your last blog was a bit of an exageration?????