Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cruel, Cruel World

While I appreciate the influx of compliments, I'm not exaggerating the weight gain. Why do you think I chose that picture? Why in the world would I choose a picture that makes me look fat over one that makes me look thin? A picture of my profile is much more flattering than a front on picture. So I'm choosing to post another picture to portray my full cheeks (and to show Traci another angle of my new do). Once again, although I took several pictures of myself, I still can't help but choose the one that makes me look best. The fattest pictures just can't be published on the internet. Why do you think I only posted a picture from the neck up? I didn't even want my arms in there. My face is currently the thinnest part of my rapidly growing body. I weigh significantly more than I did at the end of my last pregnancy and I still have four weeks to go. I've out grown the majority of my maternity clothes and get at least one of the following comments every time I leave the house:
  • Are you sure there aren't twins in there?
  • Wow! You've really popped.
  • You've gotten huge.
  • You really have 4 weeks left?
  • You look miserable.
  • You look like you're ready to pop.
  • Are you sure you didn't mis-calculate your due date?
  • Don't you just feel huge?
  • You really look pregnant. (DUH!)
  • You're still here?
  • You poor thing.
Yes, I'm huge and still here, not having twins and am not about to pop, at least not for a few more weeks. People really make comments like that. It's a cruel world. I'll see if I can bear to post a full length picture closer to the end so you all can agree with the previous comments. If nothing else, I'm sure you'll think, 'You poor thing.'

The boys love the photo booth option on the new computer. Parker can pose and make goofy faces in that thing all day if I'd let him. You can see yourself on the screen when the picture is being taken. I'm not quite sure what pose he's doing there, but it was one of the few we took that he hadn't crowded Reid out completely. Reid looks to tiny being squished between us. He's not really that small. The boys didn't have their hair fixed yet and it's really not flattering. But I'll post it anyway.


jeanine said...

I STILL think that you look great! And don't worry... I got most of those same comments with my pregnancies too. Luckily I had a great OB who always said things like "you look great!" (according to the other girls I know who go to him he says the same thing to them too but he sounds sincere and you still feel great that someone told you that!) Hang in there!

Jeff said...

That is a champion haircut I must say. Being your kid brother I can say things like "You look like you've popped with 2 huge twins!"

Traci Elizabeth said...

Katie, you look like a rock star!

Judds said...

Katie you look great. I love your new hair cut. I am getting so excited for the new baby. I have to tell you that I really enjoy reading your parkerisms, reids word of the day and thank heavens for... I thought of you the other day when I found a sippy cup that I had been missing for probably two weeks. It took me all day before I got up enough courage to open it and clean it out. I also thought that maybe I would just throw it away, I HATE cleaning sippy cups that has old milk or juice it is gross. Anyways when I opened it, it was just water. So I just wanted to tell you that I had a "thank heavens" moment.