Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bandaid Solutions

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I imagine most kids have their own stalling tactics at bedtime. Parker definately has his fair share. Parker is on this thing lately that he needs a bandaid at bedtime. Most kids ask for a drink of water, and mine wants a bandaid. He spends story time searching his body for the best place to put it, whether it be a scrape from that afternoon, a bruise, or a scab from two weeks ago. It's some kind of comfort thing for him and he goes down much easier with a bandaid on.

Reid is up and walking. He hasn't perfected it yet, but he can walk about 10 steps or so. He just can't get back to a standing position. He sure tries, but he has no ankle joint so unless he has something to pull himself up with, he is back down on all fours once he hits the ground. Steps aren't the only strides Reid's making these days. His vocabluary is really expanding. He can sing The Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Old MacDonald. He of course doesn't know all the words to any of the songs, but I'm impressed with how well he does. Besides songs, he can name pretty much any food on his plate, or food that he wants on his plate. He loves to demand cookies and McDonalds.

I spent the morning at the Library story time. For how much my kids enjoy songs and stories and especially the library, I'm surprised how uninterested they are in story time. The lady in charge is so darling and animated. Mine are the only kids who sat like lumps refusing to participate. Reid not only refused to participate, but threw an all out fit when I tried to encourage him. And Parker probably just needs to go to the older age group. He's not too old for toddler story time yet, but he may be a little more stimulated in the preschool group.


Traci Elizabeth said...

I also enjoy a good bandaid before I go to bed...Not weird at all. =)

jeanine said...

I love the band-aid story!

Judds said...

I cant get over how cute your boys are. We cant wait for you to get here. Is next Wednesday the day?