Thursday, November 10, 2011

You better watch out.

As of today, my kids are officially, prematurely excited about Christmas. 

Carols were sung.

Elves were being hunted.

Speculations were being made about the jolly fat man himself. 

And only two days after I posted Halloween pictures. 


Lauri said...

You won't be able
to use that much longer...enjoy it while you can.

Kris said...

Oh no! So soon!!!! Oh to be a kid again!

Everyday Edling said...

I feel ya. My kids have been awaiting Christmas since I had them write their Santa letters. I have to admit, kids make the holidays 10 times better!

Jen said...

We took the kids to Toy R Us last Saturday and they are counting down the days until Christmas. Today we are listening to Christmas music and I'm kind of thinking of pulling out the decorations. I'm sort of excited myself!!!

Amanda B. said...

yup- it has happened here too! And, unfortunately, they found the 93.3 station!! Too soon for Christmas songs!!! :)

LOVE their halloween costumes- you are just amazing!!!