Monday, July 25, 2011

Birthday Magic

Parker turned seven earlier this month.  As per usual, we packed our day with birthday fun. 

After opening presents and fulfilling a birthday breakfast request, we spent the rest of the morning putting together Lego sets and practicing magic tricks (Grandma Benson sent him a magic set for his birthday and I hate to brag, but I'm pretty sure I'm the best magician in the house).  

(Chief apparently wanted to be next...he must have known we missed his birthday.)

Then I whipped up some cow costumes (thanks to Autumn and her generous donation of a lifetime supply of felt) and we headed to Chik-fil-a for cow appreciation day. (I'm ticked I didn't take any pictures.) Then off to Target for more Star Wars Legos courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Smith. 

We hustled home to change for a trip to Zoombezi Bay. (No pictures again...who wants to worry about a camera at a water park?)  I've always been hesitant to take the kids to a water park so young, but it was a blast.  Parker was tall enough for every water slide.  And Reid could ride a few.  But they were mostly content to shuffle between the wave pool, the lazy river and the kid section.

We came home for some late night cake and sparklers left over from the 4th. 

(50 points to anyone who can tell me which location from Star Wars Parker requested for a birthday cake.)

Parker is everything you would hope for a seven year old to be.  He's a very bright kid and can apply his smarts to all parts of his life.  He's observant, inventive, and precise.  He's helpful at home...even when I don't ask it of him.  And I can always count on him for a job well done.  He's a responsible kid with all the traits of an oldest child. I love watching him grow up. 


jeanine said...

Happy birthday Parker! Sounds like it was a super fun birthday!

Kris said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy! How swiftly fly the years!!! Looks like you made a fun day for him! Miss your blog posts kiddo.

Traci Elizabeth said...

I can't believe you have a 7 year old!!!!! sounds like a spectacular day.

Edling's said...

Happy birthday, Parker!

Lauri said...

you didn't tell me you made your new living room drapery. I love the little peek I can see in the pictures.

(sorry, that had nothing to do with your post)

Anyway, the cake turned out great but I have no idea what star wars location it is...but why would I? However, I'm sure it looks exactly like it is supposed to and Parker was thrilled.

Jenn said...

Is that a Tatooine cake? Very cool! Happy Birthday to Parker, what a fun sounding birthday.

Kelly said...

What a lucky kid- that sounds like and AMAZING day for a 7 year old! Love it- and I am not a Star Wars girl, so I have no guess- but it looks fabulous!

Amanda B. said...

Happy Birthday, Reid!!! He is an awesome little guy!!

Autumn said...

Happy birthday to Parker!! The cake looks awesome, before I saw guess WHICH part of Star Wars, I was going to guess Star Wars...don't take it personally, my knowledge in that department is extremely limited, but you should feel flattered that I knew it was Star Wars.