Friday, May 6, 2011

Making Up is Hard to Do

Raise your hand if you think parenting is hard... Unanimous!  Just as I suspected.  (If you didn't raise your hand, you're obviously doing something wrong.)  I've had a rough go at it the past month... evidenced by my lack of appearances anywhere in the blogosphere lately. I'd like to think that will change soon, but reality tells me it won't. Curse reality! May is jam-packed.  Then summer begins.  I'm hoping summer brings me a little more face-to-face time with my iMac. We'll play that one by ear.

We did in fact celebrate Easter with the rest of the world.  The boys got some new shirts for church.  Is anyone else as grateful as I am that H&M sells cute kids clothes on the cheap? Though I haven't had any luck finding church pants...which is why I made them last year.  I failed to take any Easter pictures.  After a lovely day at church, we celebrated with good friends and good food.

We also celebrated Cinco de Mayo in the usual fashion...with good friends and better food.  I can say that. I hosted both parties and cooked both meals.  I could seriously eat Mexican food every day of my life and never tire of it.  I've decided Cinco de Mayo is my favorite holiday.  You think that's a joke?  Low stress, the BEST food, Mariachi music, fake mustaches.  Honestly.  How can you top that?

Well maybe Mother's Day tops it.  But Cinco de Mayo is a very close second. Spencer and the boys (but mostly Spencer) pull off the best of Mother's Days.  I'm looking forward to it.  I could use a day off.  Plus Spencer already gave me my gift.  And it's a good one.  I'm talking Banana Republic good.  I guess that settles it.  Mother's Day is the best holiday.  No one gave me a new skirt for Cinco de Mayo.

Spencer and I celebrate 9 years of wedded bliss this coming Tuesday.  Want to know how we're spending it?  At the hospital for Grayden to have surgery.  Romantic, huh?  He has to have his adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears.  Poor kid has been walking around with significant hearing loss in both ears for who knows how least a year. 

Has spring been unseasonably cold everywhere?  Or is it just Ohio?  There were a couple of days this week that the temperature never rose above the 40's.  I seriously haven't even unpacked my summer clothes yet.  I'm going to be in for a rude awakening in Arizona in a few weeks.  To be honest, I don't mind this weather.  I much prefer cold weather clothes.  If it weren't for all the rain I'd be fine.  The rain has got in they way of spring yard work and our yard is desperately seeking help.

I had a battle with poison ivy a couple weeks ago.  The poison ivy won. I've got it before (it grows rampant out here) but never this bad.  Two weeks later and I'm still itching like crazy.

We're getting our family pictures taken next week.  It's only been four and a half years since our last picture, but we decided to go for it anyway.  Any suggestions for locations? Or clothes? Local friends...I need your input...what do I wear that makes me look 20 pounds lighter?  RUDE!  But you're right, that's impossible.  Long distance'll only see the pictures if I come out looking 20 pounds lighter.  Or if my hair looks really good that day.

Does this count for a month worth of missed blog posts?  Cause this might be it for a while. (Thanks to Spencer being on a camp out.) And when he gets home tomorrow evening, I'm going out alone.  Bra shopping.  Your welcome.


Traci Elizabeth said...

How funny, olivia and bostons easter clothes were from h&m too.

I'm with u on parenting. It gets crazy sometimes...which is why boss was in bed at 7 tonight :)

I've missed u in the blog world. Hope u have a great mothers day

Cynthia said...

My hand is raised. Both hands are raised.
Good luck with the surgery. I hope it all goes well, and maybe you can have a nice little romantic anniversary meal in the hospital cafeteria.

Kelly said...

My oh my- what a month it has been for the Smith crew! I am so sorry I have missed so much! I am a crappy visiting teacher- I am sorry I havent' been there to help you!!

Congrats on the anniversary and so sorry it will be spent in surgery with Grayden- poor kiddo! Sending prayers your way for a sanity filled May!

Thinking of you!!

Sheryl said...

YOU my dear are adorable! I love your posts and you ALWAYS make me smile! You are a champion among women. As they say "a mother of boys is busy from son up, until son down". I can relate. Keep up the great work you do! Congratulations on your anniversary, and for choosing so well!!

Lauri said...

Your creative juices flow well late at night. I see you wrote this late into the night,,,and it was funny. You should stay up late more often.
And I thought you tell me everything in our phone conversations but you failed to mention the poison ivy...or the bra shopping (mothers a good one and that will take care of the looking 20 pounds lighter issue.).

Genn said...

Oh the dreaded bra shopping. I went and did that last week. Dreaded it, but successfully came home with what I needed. Good luck! ANd I like your moms idea of one that lifts em up high and makes you look 20 pounds lighter!

I'm still raising my hand to answer your q. Darn right parenting is hard work. Jake is leaving to Idaho for 5 days soon and I am dreading every second of it. I hope I survive. ;)

I hope your days get easier too Katie. Loved your informative post.
Happy anniversary, but sorry how you have to spend it. I hope his surgery goes smoothly. Poor kid. Erika had to have that when she was about 2.

And the poison ivy? ick. what a pain. I think I had that a several years ago and it was awful.

See what happens when you dont blog often? My comments are post worthy lengths themselves!

The Patterson's said...

Let the summer rush begin. Enjoy Bra shopping that is one thing you really should never do with kids. To bad its things like that we do for our alone time. Welcome to parent hood.

jeanine said...

Oh I've missed your updates! So sorry that you've had a rough month! And poison ivy on top of it?! I swear Rich gets poison ivy just by walking past it... he doesn't even have to touch it! It's insane.

I can't wait to see your new family pictures!

Tammy said...

Ahh Kate! I've missed you! Poison Ivy?! It grows a lot out here too and I'm terrified of getting it. So far I've been safe, but I never stray off the well-trodden path while hiking.

And poor Grayden! Hope all goes well with the surgery. Happy Anniversary indeed.

If you don't show me your pictures I'll be so mad. Just pick clever poses where you are sitting on the ground and all your darling boys are positioned just so all around and in front of you. Then you don't have to worry about what you're wearing. Perfect plan right?

The Pedersen's said...

I love your blog posts! I haven't stopped by in awhile b/c I have been super busy as well! You made me smile! Congrats on 9 years! I cant believe how much time has gone by! Good Luck with your family pictures...I hope we get to see them!

Amanda B. said...

I really enjoyed reading this! You are so fun. I could hear your voice as I read- just as if we were talking. Wow- what a wild month it has been! Yikes!! I do hope you get a chance to breath a bit!! :)

The drama known as Greens.... said...

One good thing about being pregnant.. I get to go bra shopping in the woman's section instead of the girls section! Just sayin....good luck with yours. I'll try and call this week to see how it all went...

Edling's said...

You always make me laugh!
Oh, and no. We haven't all been suffering through 40 degree weather...we've been suffering through 90 degree weather. I'm not sure which is worse, but either way it's no bueno (that's a nod to your second favorite holiday right there). Thankfully today it's in the low 70s so I'm good. I hope next month goes better for you. If not, we readers benefit from a great post. :)

amelia said...

We've been having horrible spring weather in Utah too. Cinco de Mayo was the day it was finally warm enough to enjoy the outdoors in shorts and flip-flops...and now it's cold and rainy again.

Clothes for pics: No jeans and white T-shirts (although I'd never expect that out of you, you are quite the crafty mama fashionista). Since it's just five people, just stick with the same color palette, and don't worry about mis-matched patterns (ex: boys in stripes/solids, you in florals or something).

Carrie said...

I'd raise my hands but they're busy, all three of them. Poison Ivy? Are you kidding? That'll teach you and Spencer to make out in the woods. We'll keep Grayden in our prayers this week. Bummer...but maybe he'll feel a lot better after this eh? And as for pictures I have two things to say...first, you don't need to look twenty pounds lighter (I think I get best friend points for being the one to say that :)...but hey, it's true, you are always so so beautiful and so cool. And second, bails of hay all the way.

Sam and Becky said...

I've missed you on the blog land. You look fabulous, you're a FABULOUS mom, and you have an adoring husband and three awesome kids. You're well loved and full of great ideas. You are clever, witty, beautiful, funny, and extremely smart. Happy Late Mother's day. I only hope I can be as great a mom as you! :D

Autumn said...

So glad you're taking family photos!! Franklin Park Conservatory is very pretty for location. You do look 20 pounds lighter-actually 90 lighter--than me. So no tips for you there, I'd be glad to be there!

Yes, the weather has been a pain, I've been so glad for the sun the past few days!!

Skirt is a great present, nice job Spencer!

H&M kids clothing is sooo cute. I agree!!

So glad you get to go to AZ. I hope you have a great time.

I hope Grayden's surgery went well!! Hard for a kid to tell you they can't hear well when they don't realize they can't!! Happy anniversary, even if it includes a hospital.

Heidi said...

Thanks for the update! I really do hope that you post the family pictures anyway... I love the way you dress your boys and coordinate. I hear it is best to dress in the colors that match your home? Just a suggestion.
I am hoping to get in some bra shopping this weekend too...

Noel said...

It's been too long since I visited!! You are so fun to read. I'm definitely coming back ;) Please post the family pics, you can't look anything but darling... And I'm with you on parenting and May-- Good luck with June!!