Friday, March 18, 2011


But we just called her Stutz.  Her first name is Carrie, but with 2 Carrie's in the group we preferred to call her Stutz.  She preferred to be called the Queen of Everything. 

(Funny side story...I thought her last name was Stutz for like 6 months.  When someone told me it was actually Stutzneggar I didn't believe it.)

I think the thing I admire most about Stutz is her work ethic.  She was the first one of my roommates to get out and get a job; a "custodial engineer" at a nearby middle school.  That job had great free toilet paper.  She's always been hard working. But besides that, Stutz is adorable, devoted, spunky and tough.

It took me a little longer to get close to Stutz.  You see...she had a boyfriend back home.  She did whatever she could to catch a ride home with someone every single weekend for a little extra time with the BF (despite our best persuasion efforts to the contrary).  I guess it paid off. After he served a two year mission he came home and married her. 

Now she's just as hardworking, adorable, devoted, spunky and tough to the benefit of her cute family.  She supports that same man as they've moved around the country while he goes to law school.  She has an adorable little girl (named that cute or what?) and another coming soon.

I'm a little sad at my limited number of pictures of Stutz.  But if you recall...she was never around on the weekends and she worked during the week.  I love her just as much, there's just less photographic evidence.  Looking back, I'm pretty impressed.  It must have been hard to go off to work day in and day out while we all begged her to come have fun with us. That girl has always had a good head on her shoulders.

Our lovely rendition of "My Little Buttercup" from the Three Amigos

A trip to Temple Square

We all had various places to go that night, but felt it necessary to take a group picture.

I think I might have realized at this point how few pictures I had of Stutz and I made her take a picture with me then and there.  I'm not sure how happy she was about that.
What college apartment was complete without an inflatable couch?  Just thinking about that one makes me laugh.  

Sophomore year (while her BF was on a mission and we saw a little more of her) Stutz's mom gave her a HUGE turkey.  She brought it back and slaved away all day to serve the whole apartment complex. 

Riding the LTD.  
None of us had a car freshmen year and we rode the bus to get anywhere.  The boy is only vaguely familiar...somebody's high school friend maybe?  It seems like his name was Brett? Did we run into him on the bus?  Why is he in my picture?

Picnic on the Quad

No better way to celebrate the end of finals week than a slumber party! (Preceded by the best apartment dance party ever!)

 I had to swipe a current picture off her blog to show you just how adorable Stutz and her family are.  My pictures don't do her justice.  Cute right?

Stutz has a busy couple months ahead of her...with a new baby due soon, a husband taking the BAR, a move a few states away, and a little visit with her family in the mix.  I have no doubt she'll handle it with ease.

Miss you!


Genn said...

You've got some great friends Katie!

Jen said...

Cute post about Stutz! I miss all my roomies so much!!!

Kris said...

I think you had the most fun in college out of everyone I know!!!!

Brooke said...

I remember all to well trying to convince her to stay for a weekend. When she did she was always the life of the party. I love that girl. Thanks Katie for all of the fun memories.

Natalie said...

HA. I like how you do shout outs to your friends and I a sure she really appreciates you putting STUTZ on her forehead! HaHa

Tammy said...

Love going back to my college life with your flashback days Kate! I totally thought Carrie's last name was actually Stuz too - I think it took me longer than six months to figure out the truth.
Picnics on the quad... we were so fun.

Carrie said...

We were the coolest group of girls EVER! Stutz always quoted Elmo..."I can't get married, I'm only three and a half year's old!" and her other favorite saying, "What the crap!" You have way better pictures than I do by the way. PS. That cute mystery boy is Brett Hillier from Spanish Fork. We took him ice blocking once on the hill where I think you may have broken your tail bone.

Carrie said...

We were the coolest girls EVER! Remember Stutz button of Ben? And her Elmo quote, "I can't get married, I'm only three and a half years old!" or "What the CRAP!" You have way better pictures than I do by the way. PS. That cute mystery boy is Brett Hillier from Spanish Fork. I think some of us took him ice-blocking on Old Main where you may have broken your tail bone.

The Patterson's said...

Oh how sweet I made it on your blog. I think I am going to cry now. We did have some awesome times. Thanks for always wanting me around even though I always wanted to be with my man an hour away. Good thing I married him or that could have been a big waste of me missing out on all of those dance weekends. Which were really hard for me to do even though I tried not to show it. Thanks for swiping that picture those others were quite scary of me since it was like 10 years ago, and I have Stutz written on my forhead lol. Thanks Katie, love you girl collage wouldnt have been the same without you.

The Patterson's said...

So I totally commented on this a few weeks ago but it never saved my comment. So hopefully this time it works. Thanks Katie for the tribute to me Those were some fun days. Thanks for the Big "Stutz" on my forhead. I am glad you stole an updated pic cause some of those are pretty scary. I miss all of you guys so much.