Friday, January 7, 2011

Yay! Yay! Yay! for You!

Carrie is one of my very, very favorite people. Ever. No matter how long it's been since we've chatted, she remains at the top of my list.

Carrie has always been full of life and love (and hot chocolate). She was the perfect room mate for me. We had fun beyond measure and a closeness to match. She was always up for a dance party or a good cry. And I value her advice just as much now as I did then.

She is now the mother of four with a husband working on his residency and she makes it seem effortless. If that weren't enough, she's the most talented writer I've ever known. When she publishes her novel, I'll let you all know. I'm sure it will be worth reading.

My stack of favorite Carrie memories captured on film was so huge. I hate that I'm leaving out so many good ones.

Spontaneous Tea Party get a laugh out of some one that was coming over...or something like that.

Freshman year...Up the canyon

Carrie came to visit me in So. Cal one New Years while I was home for winter break.

Ward Talent Show
For some reason Carrie and I thought it would be funny to sing "Take Back Your Mink" from Guys and Dolls. Looking back, it may have been a little inappropriate.

This is how we started the song:
And this is how it ended: Our clothes scattered on the floor. I'm willing to bet it's the only church talent show in the history of church talent shows where a strip tease was one of the acts.

We spent a few days at Heidi's cabin one summer. Thinking about that trip makes me laugh. It was right before our junior year. It was the first time Carrie, Heidi and I would all three live in the same apartment. That year makes me laugh even harder.

A Sunday afternoon in the canyon.

Carrie's Fondue Birthday Party

Decorating for Christmas

Luau...I believe it was some one's birthday.

Granny Panties (bet you never expected my blog to go there)

Halloween 2001

I think this was around our last few days as roommates. Can't you just feel the love?

Some days I still miss living with Carrie. Hey Carrie...want to move in?


Randalls said...

So I just cried, looking through your flashback today. You're 'ze baste' as Nacho Libre would say, knowing how much you love the makers of Napoleon Dynamite. And yes, I'm packing my bags now. What are you having for dinner? Teriyaki Toilet? I love you, and I'm absolutely sure we were separated at birth. Who would I be without you? I shudder to think. Seriously. Do you remember that time Matt and Wes came out wearing our robes? Thank you!

everyday katie said...

Oh Carrie...I'm in tears. Teriyaki Toilet! I can't even gain control I'm laughing so hard. I forgot about that. And the robes...I think it was Wes and Goff. I watched the video of that immediately after I posted this. Miss your guts!

Autumn said...

I want a bite of terikayi toilet, whatever that is--or maybe not...a diarrhea story? Loads o fun. The clothes on the church floor is pretty hilarious. I bet the guys shown behind in the photo got a good laugh-or blush! I have to know more about the company that was coming over when you were set up for the tea party.

Lauri said...

It's amazing what you find out about your children via the internet. Seriously!

Jen said...

Loved this post! I miss my roommates! Can I come live with you guys too? Carrie is incredible and I think that whoever she meets she's on their list of favorite people. She's the best! And so are you! Love how you're posting fun memories and stories of people. So fun going down memory lane.

Tammy said...

Oh! This is the best post!
I love both you girls dearly!