Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friends With Benefits

And by friends I mean my lover. And by benefits I mean his new iPad.

(Or I could say by friends I mean my brother. And by benefits I mean his family discount on all things Apple.)

There are very few benefits of being married to a perpetual student. (Sorry babe. I'm very supportive of your career goals. I'm just sayin' it's a tough road.) But a new iPad is one of those benefits.

Spencer got a scholarship this year (yes, he's that awesome). He also works for the university which pays full tuition. But the scholarship had to go directly to something that would benefit his education...meaning not for living expenses (though I say a full stomach and a roof over your head benefit your education). So he used the scholarship to pay for student fees and for books. That left him with just enough money for a new iPad using Jeff's discount. Totally justifiable for many of his assignments.


It's even more fun than it looks.


mj said...

This is Tammy on MJ's computer. The ipad is the best invention EVER for toddlers on LONG flights!!! Brian quietly plays millions of free kid apps and colors on it and watches movies on it. It has seriously saved us. It was supposed to be for Nathan's graduation, but we call it the BRIpad

jeanine said...


Randalls said...

Just picture me saying, "lucky" in my best vote for pedro voice. That's almost as exciting a new addition as that dresser you just refinished. I can't wait till you graduate to reupholstering. You could add dumpster diving to your resume as a special skill.

Jen said...

Oh, Eric would be so jealous! Actually, I am too.

Genn said...

Fun. My Mom has one and they really are pretty neat.

Also, fabulous job you did on your furniter makeover. That looks beautiful. From what I can tell I really like the paint color too.

Autumn said...

AHHHHHHHHHH. HOW awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!