Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For those of you seriously interested in a tutorial....

My tutorial skills do not match the mediocrity of my re-fashioning skills. It was seriously simple and I think I made the directions seem more complex. I don't know if I made sense. I promise it's a breeze.

Here goes:

  • carefully remove pocket with a seem ripper.
  • cut sleeves, shirt tail, and a round neckline.
****note: Before the refashioning, the shirt fit me with the shoulders hanging down about 2 inches too long on each shoulder. Cinching it was all it took for the shoulders to fit properly. If the shoulders on your shirt hang down farther, I'd consider cutting it off at the shoulder seem for cute capped sleeves.

  • cut strip from excess shirt tail to make casing for collar. a minimum of 2 inches. preferably 2 1/2.
  • cut 1 inch strips from sleeves and sew together in one long strip to make drawstring.
  • snip about 1/2 inch right against button strip on each side.
  • attach lace or embellishments down center near button strip with zig-zag stitch.
***note: You could reverse this and make a strip for the casing with the sleeves and the drawstring with your shirt tail depending on your leftover fabric.

To make casing for neckline:
  • use strip from shirt tail and fold raw edges toward middle as shown. press.
  • fold in half to hide all raw edges. press.
  • Pin around neckline with neckline in between fold.
  • tuck raw edges under at each end.
  • top stitch around outer edge.

  • make drawstring with sleeve excess. fold in same manor as neckline casing as skinny as possible.
  • top stitch entire drawstring.
  • use a safety pin to feed drawstring through casing at neckline.
  • with shirt inside out, sew along each side beginning at arms for desired fit.
  • cut off excess fabric.

  • hem sleeves, bottom of shirt, and top of button strip.
  • Cinch and tie drawstrings at neck.
  • wear.
  • impress.


Lauri said...

I get the "wear" part but I'm having trouble with the "impress." I need more tutorial!!!

Sam and Becky said...

Katie, you are amazing. :D

Kris said...

Great Tutorial Katie.

jeanine said...

You are amazing!

Kelly said...

I don't want a tutorial- I just want you to make me one! ha ha!
You rock!! If this is your "crafty"- I am more impressed than I thought!! You are dazzling!

Cynthia said...

I love your "wear, impress" directions. You definitely impress.