Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Break: Day 28

I have spent the summer running from doctor appointment to doctor appointment. Today marks the third appointment this week. I am quite envious of those of you who have kids without health problems. My kids are healthy, it's minor problems...totally manageable, but SO MANY appointments.

Reid, of course sees an orthopedist and a prosthetist PLUS the Shriners doctor who has to approve all his funding. Did you know prosthetic legs for a 4 year old can cost $6,000-$10,000. YIKES! We've had cars that cost less. Thank goodness for Shriners. But it's a tedious process. We started back in March and he still doesn't have a new leg.

Reid also has a speech delay. Appointments for that are scheduled.

Grayden has torticollis...twisted neck. (See HERE for prognosis or HERE for a visual.) Looking back on when I first found out, the doc didn't think it'd be a big deal. And now he's almost three and I am taking him to weekly OMT (osteopathic manipulative therapy) appointments 25 minutes away.

And if that weren't enough...Grayden had his first ear infection back in February or March, but because of his head tilt, the fluid hasn't been draining. So he's been through all kinds of garbage for that, too.

Plus other normal appointments.

It's been a rough week. And yet, my problems are so minor. Definitely not life threatening. I've been reading the blog of the family that had the auction a few months ago. The family with the son who has the rare skin disorder. It is HEART WRENCHING. I can not fathom the pain baby Daylon endures. Or Jennifer, his mother. I bet she hurts every bit as bad as her son. The Edling family could use some prayers.


jeanine said...

Doesn't it break your heart to read about Daylon? I come close to tears every time.

Sorry to hear about all your dr appointments... not a fun way to spend the summer!

Genn said...

I'm sorry about all those appointments. It is rough having to tote all your kids to the doctor several times a week.

I never knew about Graydens neck. I hope it's getting better. I must admit that your post about getting to the doctor for his appointment and the lost car keys did make for a great story. I loved every detail... the old rickety double jogger, the three inch heels, the missing button on your falling down britches... too funny!

I hope less appointments are coming your way.

Kelly said...

No fun! Glad the air is working to help ease the days when you aren't running around like a chicken with your head cut off- or are there those days?! Not around here, either! Wish you would let someone help you out!! We want to watch the boys so you and Spencer can go out- so find a date- SOON!

Moms Are Contagious said...

hey Katie- I don't know what your insurance covers but I took Lizzie to Nationwide Children's Hospital for torticollis (among other things) and they helped her improve greatly within two or three months! Just a thought!

Sorry about the doctor appointments. I feel the same way but I only have one child, cannot imagine having three that need to go that many times!

Moms Are Contagious said...

by the way this is Bylle

Amanda B. said...

I totally hear what your saying. We have lots of appointments too. Both boys have minor issues, but requires regular doc appts which gets tough. But, kind of like you said, when I take Jacob to his specialist appts at children's, it only takes walking down the halls to be reminded how blessed we are and then the guilt sets in for all the complaining I did. It is still hard though for us because we love our children and worry about them and it is hard to shuffle everyone to where they need to be.

Oh, I too would have had a hard time giving those clothes to the woman. AAHH!!! There is no excuse for smoking while pregnant! That I can NOT stand!!! Your boys were, and still are, dressed well!!!

Traci Elizabeth said...

Olivia has a speech delay too. I always feel a need to tell people when they meet her and ask her her name and she answers "o-yi-ya"

I hate dr appointments and i constantly reschedule them because i just dont want to are a trooper

Kelly said...

gosh, this makes me feel bad about feeling sorry for myself when i have a million doctor appointment. all of my kids have been pretty minor too. i have never heard of torticollis. i hope they all get better and fixed, so to speak, real soon! you're such an awesome mom.. seriously.

Autumn said...

I entirely forgot about the twisted neck--it was fun to see those old pics. I esp love the one of Reid with the batch of Gray's. Unreal the price of the leg--awesome that the Shriners do that!! It may not be any comfort, but I regularly appreciate the good health we have--it truly is a major blessing. Sorry for all the appts-I hate the hassle of even a regular check up...even though its really not that big of a deal. Next time you go I'm happy to watch the other boys! Truly.