Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Break: Day 4

Today I spent the kids mandatory quiet time searching the classifieds for employment. Unless I am willing to operate the clothing press at the dry cleaners, I'm kinda stuck at home with the crazies for the summer. I kinda forgot that until I further my education, there aren't a lot of job opportunities doing anything remotely interesting. And although a master's degree is always on my mind, that doesn't solve any problems here and now. (But really, it's only two years and the rest of this summer break until all three kiddos will be in school all day...Yes, I've already begun the countdown.)

After the morning I had, the dry cleaners is sounding pretty appealing.

POST EDIT: To avoid confusion...After crying to Spencer on the phone about how I can't handle three kids home all day and wishing I wasn't a stay at home mom, he casually suggested not staying home if it was making me so unhappy. I decided that was not a bad idea and checked the classifieds. I thought ANYTHING has to be better than staying home with three kids. After reviewing my options, I think I'll stay home for the time. Having said that, I'm certain I'm taking the harder route. Work sounds like a nice break.


Kris said...

Uh Oh!! Who will watch your crazies while you work?

Genn said...

Oh Katie I feel your pain. It's tough. Even though when I'm at work I book myself crazy long days with no breaks in between, it is a vacation compared to what I do at home everyday! I can't imagine adding one more to the mix.

Hang in there. Hope summer's not too terribly long for you.

Summer just ain't what it used to be.

Kelly said...

I feel ya! Try adding a husband to the summer mix! Sometimes it's not bad, like today- extra set of hands at the zoo, and grocering alone- but I had 3 kids last week, and now work for me this summer, either!! Unless it is cleaning up messes in a bigger house!

Kimmiebe said...

omg katie, this is the post that was in my head the past few days! i was looking for jobs too, crying to my husband that i hate staying home. it' so hard. is it really worth the reward?? lol i long to work! good luck! stay sane!

Tammy said...

But think how bad you'll miss these crazy times in a few years!!
I'm going to see Carrie P and Jenni today. I'm sad you aren't here.

Amanda B. said...

I hear ya..... like this morning, I really almost sent the boys back to school just because they were driving me nuts.

I know it is tough to stay home sometimes, but I promise you that you won't regret it. You are better at it then you think. I know you long to work, but you are young and have more time ahead of you then you think. You will look back and be grateful you stuck it out. You are amazing! :)

Lauri said...


Natalie said...

LOL... love your mom's comment.
Hang in there Katie... remember we all have bad days and bad moments but this is the best part of life even when it doesn't feel like it. Make more hats, go places, have a party for no reason.
You are so creative and inventive. I love your style!
Having plans to do something fun helps me get through the craziness. I had to take all five kids to costco the other day to do a huge stock up trip... I gave them each an assignment (pick one fruit, yogurt, healthy snack) and then they had to help me unload before they could have their special treat. It worked great... no whining, running away, asking for everything... sometimes I just have to give them a job to do and make them feel responsible and then they will be great for me!