Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Graduate

I've been out-of-control busy volunteering at Parker's school. Why are all the activities saved for the last three weeks of school? Couldn't these be spread throughout the year? I've been to field trips and field days and picnics and promotions. It's exhausting. And there are very few parents willing to volunteer. Are there really that many working parents? or just lazy parents? Either way, I've been happy to help and it's been great getting to know the teachers and a few parents.

Though today is the official last day of school, yesterday was kindergarten promotion. It was adorable. The kindergartners put on a cute little program for all the parents. And now I am the proud parent of a kindergarten graduate. Parker's teacher has been FANTASTIC. I couldn't ask for better. She will be missed.

I was trying to collect phone numbers from the parents of some of his friends at the little program yesterday. Parker asked for Braylens number amid all the boys. I asked him about it...a little surprised. My boys are usually proud members of the No Girls Allowed Club. Parker cleared it up when he said it was because Braylen knows how to play the wii.

Parker is horribly shy in front of a crowd. He was near tears as he was waiting to sing. This is him avoiding me at all costs in attempts to keep it together. But once the singing started, he loosened up...a little.

I'm already freaking out about summer...and it hasn't started yet. Wish me luck.

Post Script: I picked up Park from school and said we could go anywhere for a last day of school treat...Graeters, Culvers, Dairy Queen, Sonic, Steak 'n Shake, the sky's the limit. Want to guess where he picked? Speedway. The boys got Icee's from the gas station convenient store.


jeanine said...

Congrats Parker!

So weird that you don't have a lot of parent volunteers! We have an over-abundance here!

Traci Elizabeth said...

It amazes me when you tell write about how shy he having a shy kid doesn't seem possible!!

He is a really cute kid, congrats on having a graduate in the house!

Genn said...

Icees from that gas station! That is too funny.

It's funny how kids are so shy and different in an environment that they aren't used to. I'm always amazed if Hannah acts shy and quiet somewhere.

And Braylen is cool cause she plays the wii. THat is the cutest thing ever.

Good luck all summer! Wish we lived close enough to do play dates!

Amber Nish said...

I just wanted to say that I would have forced them to go to Graeters..haha..but that is why you are a much better mom than me:) Glad you guys had a great school year! Enjoy your summer.

Cynthia said...

From here on out until you are empty nesters, May will rival December for the busyest month.
Gas Station icees. That really is funny.

Kris said...

Oh man...that went fast...for me! Congrats to Parker! they come!!!!

Lauri said...

It doesn't look like any of the other kids are enjoying it any more than Parker is. Man, oh man, I wish I could have been there.

Harmony said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I sincerely hope somehow life brings us to the same place at the time sometime in the future! I also check your blog regularly and I think you are AMAZING. in so many ways. I wish I knew even more about you and what you do so I could copy everything!

Melissa + Brett said...

That's my kind of boy...ICEE's trump all...Well, at least they tie a dipped cone from DQ. Good luck this summer!

Jen said...

That is really cute! I didn't realize he was so shy in public.

The drama known as Greens.... said...

I know I'm late but congratulations Park! You made it through Kindergarten! Well done! Love ya kiddo :)