Thursday, January 14, 2010


After 16 straight days of snow and even more days of bitter cold temperatures, we finally hit above freezing today. And not just barely. It's 38 right now. Isn't it strange how warm 38 can feel?

I put on my cute coat to pick Park up from school and felt I could have made it without the coat. I was warm. No hats, scarves or gloves for us today. But there were boots. Gray is particularly attached to his. He pretty much refuses to adorn his feet with anything other than snow boots.

My heater hasn't been on since I first got up this morning. I spent the afternoon barefoot.

Oh glorious day!

I'm even thinking of shedding my winter fur and shaving my legs. (Plus, I'm playing basketball tonight and I prefer shorts.)

Might as well enjoy it while I can.


jeanine said...

I know how you feel! We had some pretty bitter cold days here... no snow (except on Christmas Eve) but just COLD. I was so happy when it was in the 20s! The last few days it got up past 50 and I'm in heaven! And to think, in high school we would have be FREEZING if it was 60!

Genn said...

Look at you... barefoot and shaving the legs. 38 must be feeling warm today. :)

Kelly said...

wow, 38 is warm? wow.

and no heater at 38. wow.

if it's below 55, my heater is usually on.

Cynthia said...

You are just plain crazy. I didn't check temperatures, but I am absolutely sure we were many many many degrees warmer than 38 and I wore a jacket and gloves when I went walking this morning. Just plain crazy I say.

Kris said...


Kelly said...

I felt exactly the same- didn't even wear a coat to go get my haircut this afternoon! Loving it!

Lauri said...

It's all in your head. When it is 38 degrees here, I'm freezing!

Nicole said...

Oh, I love those "warm" days!! Today it got up to about 40... I took off my sweater in the truck, turned off the heater and cracked the windows for an hour long drive. It was wonderful!

Nonetheless, I'm still looking forward to some temps in the 80's at least. Ooooh that will be SO nice!

It's also funny how at 17 degrees in the morning, when I bring the kids to school, I don't need to put on a jacket. Funny how our bodies acclimate to these temps... especially because of where we came from!