Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As you well know, I'm not really good about blogging my day to day life. It seems so menial. It can't possibly be entertainment worthy. So I put it off for now...planning to blog about it one day when I can look back and see the humor in it all. But while I'm in the midst of the whole stay-at-home-mom thing, my life is no laughing matter. Ok, it can get pretty funny at times, yet still mundane.

I have oodles of pictures I'm way behind on posting. I'm trying to use a little down time to play catch up.

I'm not behind on this one at all. Last Saturday. Girls night at the skating rink.

We spent last Monday's day off up in Kirtland, Ohio. I forgot my camera. Kirtland is so rich with church history. The saints settled there and built a temple in the 1830's. It was fantastic to share that with the kids. Especially Parker as he's getting older and can soak up every piece of information he ever hears. The boys all seemed to enjoy it.

I made fabric blocks for a friends baby shower and stuffed them with things that jingle, crinkle and rattle. I was pleased with the way they turned out...plus they were made totally out of things I had on hand. The only purchase was a pack of onesies to applique.

Kids are so cute in the snow. We had quite a bit a few weeks ago. Reid never lasts as long as the other two. He went in before I got my camera out.

Similar pictures...a few days later. The day before the snow day when school was cancelled. After picking Parker up from school, the boys turned the wrong direction and went straight out front instead of in the house. I sat in the comfort of my warm home and took these picture from inside my front window. The crazy boys weren't even dressed to play in the snow. Reid had no gloves OR socks. And no one had snow pants or even enough layers to stay warm. They came in (after much coaxing from me) cold, wet, pink and chapped.
Did I seriously skip Christmas pictures? Oh well, they look like everyone else's Christmas morning pictures, just insert my kids faces.

I don't remember where we were going this day. But we told the boys to go get ready and Parker took that to mean fix his own hair. We let him go out like this. It was awesome.
Grayden grabbed his crayons and paper and decided he had homework this day, too. Actually, most days we all sit around the table when Parker's doing his homework. His brothers miss him while he's at school.

This takes me clear back to fall. We spent a Saturday at Autumn's parents place. It was the perfect backdrop for a gorgeous fall day. We ate and rode horses and played on four-wheelers and launched candy rockets and jumped on the trampoline. But the highlight was the zipline. And though I have millions of pictures from this day, I'll leave you with this...Spencer jumping off Peter Pan style.
And maybe one day I'll finish catching up on the day to day happenings around here.


Jen said...

Oh my word! What a post! I think your day to day life is very entertaining and well worth reading. Even though you're struggling with the whole stay-at-home-mom thing, you're a very good mother.

I'm jealous of your girls night out. I wish you and I lived by each other again. You make life so fun.

And can I tell you that those blocks and appliqued onesies are so super darling. You are so talented.

Oh and by the way perfect picture to end the post with. That picture of Spencer is priceless!!!

jeanine said...

I love that last picture of Spencer. Classic!
And those blocks are super cute! What a great idea!

Cherie said...

I'm totally stealing your block idea! I hadn't thought to do something like that... so cute!! And what kid wouldn't want those? I'm already thinking about old quilt fabric that I could use to make set for all my kids. So fun!

Genn said...

Yeay! More pictures, and you filled us in a bit on your daily life. I do not think reading about it is mundane at all. You are such a fun mom, and you have such a great way with words that whatever you write about is always interesting.

Those snow pictures are great. Your boys are so sweet together. Love the pics of all three of them in it. I wonder, is it harder for Reid to walk in the snow with his prosthetic?

The baby gift you made was darling.

Love Parker's wild hair do.

And the picture of Spencer on the zip line is great. Those trees are beautiful, and that looks like a lot of fun. I want to see more pictures from that. :)

Oh yea, and you look so cute in your plaid shirt in the girls night out photo.

Kelly said...

I love parkers hair! very so cal! lol

and i agree with everyone, i know your day to day liufe isn't boring! you have 3 boys, what could be boring?! and genny said it right, you write so well, your posts are always interesting!

and you're so freakin' talented! what a cute baby gift!

keep posting!

The drama known as Greens.... said...

So there is a roller derby movie coming out...Ash and I talked about getting in for our girls weekend....We have to watch it together!

Lauri said...

I love all the snow pictures...there's something so cute about the boys playing in the snow. Maybe it's just a novelty to me.

Your life mundane? hardly!

Stubbart Family said...

You have more talent in your pinkie than I do in my entire body! Love those blocks!

Melissa + Brett said...

LOVE Parker's hair! Can't believe how big Grayden is getting. Think your blocks and onesies are to die for! Wish they were mine even though I'm not expecting.

Sheryl said...

You have a great and entertaining life girl!! Those boys of yours ADORABLE! And you the rock star momma who leads the way of adventure...doesn't get much better than that!!

Amanda B. said...

I know what you mean about being hesitant to post every day things- I feel the same way about us- that it is the same old stuff everyone else does and no one would really want to read it. But, sometimes I post it anyway because I ultimately plan on making a book from the blog so it would be good to look back on later. Plus, I kind of like to look at others mundane things because it reminds me that we are like others.

Those are really fun pictures! The skating was a blast and that picture of Spencer jumping off the zip line is hilarious!!!! :)

Kelly said...

You have been busy! I am glad you are catching up- I have a TON to catch up on too- just waiting for my new and improved computer to be home!! Hopefully today- but as I sit at the HS, I get to check my friends blogs and that makes me happy!
Love all the pics- had such fun Saturday- let's do another really soon!

Autumn said...

Great "ketchup". :) I know exactly what you mean about the every day stuff. I go back and forth trying to figure out what to do about that kind of thing. The crinkle blocks were SOOO darling. I was dying to do the texture test myself. Just thinking about them I want to squeeze them. The onesies were so darling too. Grayden's smile is awesome in the homework pic-how cute that he wanted to do homework!! I love Parker's do. And Kirtland-how fun!! I love that city. Isn't the Spirit so strong?!!

Nicole said...

Love Parkers hair. You have some serious studs in that house!

I dream of being a blogger like you when I grow up!!