Monday, January 11, 2010

I'd like to thank the little people...

Genny passed this on to me with the assignment to post seven random things about myself.

And since I never pass up the opportunity to write about myself...

1. I am very seriously afraid of car carriers. I have zero confidence in the people who chained the cars up there in the first place. I do all I can to steer clear of them on the freeway.

2. I have been within arms distance of Richard Simmons, not once, not twice, but three times.

3. I do not consider myself organized or particular or obsessive or a perfectionist or anal about most things in life. Except when it comes to packing. I can not stand an inefficient use of space. I've sort of mastered this art after 4 moves in two years. I can get way more in a box/car/moving truck/suitcase than the average person. It's like playing Tetris.

4. And the only other thing I'm really particular about is grocery shopping. I take the same route around the store every week. I don't have to write everything down because I just know to pick it up when I walk past. When I send some one else, I inevitably leave things off the list that I just assume will be picked up...because I would pick them up. And that some one else usually comes home with things not on my list.

5. I never shave my legs in the winter. And by never, I mean it's probably been since before Thanksgiving at least. Even in the summer, I don't shave more than once a week.

6. My new favorite movie is A Prairie Home Companion. (Even though it's several years old.) Most of you have probably never heard of it. I would guess that even less of you have seen it. And even less still would like it. But my opinion is, you can't go wrong with Meryl Streep. Really, is there any character that she can't play? I first checked it out from the library early in the fall and have probably checked it out four times since.

7. I do not really enjoy talking on the phone at all (except to Spencer or my mom...the lucky two who made the list). Strange, huh? I remember getting grounded from the telephone at age 14 because I spent way too much time on it. Now phone calls are strictly business for me.


Genn said...

Hi Katie. Thanks for playing along. :)

I'm with you on those car carriers. Those are pretty scary.

Not shaving all winter? I could never do that. Even if I lived somewhere where you would seriously never see it. I just hate the feeling. Maybe I'd get over it. But here I'm in capris or shorts (for gym) even in winter, so I can not pull that one off.

Never seen the movie, but I might put it on our netflix. I love Meryl Streep too.

And I am so not a phone talker either! It was awful when Jake lived in Boise and I was living here because all we had were those phone calls, and I just hate to sit and talk on the phone.

jeanine said...

Rich and I love A Prarie Home Companion too... we love the radio show even more.
I also hate talking on the phone. I wish I liked it so I could call all my long distance friends up and catch up with them. I only enjoy talking with my sisters and mom on the phone. Sometimes I'm afraid that people think I'm rude because when I call it's all business... no chit chat at all.

Cynthia said...

Funny list. Melanie has a wish on her "things to do before I die" list that includes meeting Richard Simmons.haha
I saw the Prairie Home Companion. I think I might enjoy the radio show, bur the plot of the movie was a little odd to me.
And I have to know . . . are you any good at Tetris?

Kelly said...

So talking to me for 45 minutes the other day was horrible?!!! Well, I consider myself lucky that you put up with my talky self!! Ha!
I love your list- your mom did one that I need to do too-
I am getting replies for the!

Lauri said...

Why have I never heard the Richard Simmon's story? Oh, and glad I made your phone list...even if I hadn't, I would MAKE you talk to me on the phone regularly.

Traci Elizabeth said...

I HATE talking on the phone...thats why texting is my best friend :)

PS...I was there at one of the richard simmons days, wasnt I??

Erin said...

You got an autograph right? I hear you on the car carriers. But the leg shaving-maybe it is left over from my swimming days but I shave like every 3 days or I go crazy-but I do live in a much warmer climate. Love living in So Cal!!

Kelly said...

meryl streep, love her too! prairie home companion.. liked it, but my mom loved it like you do.

i would like you to post a picture of your unshaven winter legs! come on, do it! pretty please! i dare you!

richard simmons 3 times.. lol! thats funny.

Amanda B. said...

Very interesting!!! :) I am the same- except for a couple people, I don't enjoy talking on the phone much either. Though, Kelly O is an easy person to chat with for a long time :) (Kelly- if you read this, that is totally a compliment! I love talking to you!)

I am with you on the grocery store too. I always do the same route. If by chance I do forget something, I go back to get it, but must go back in the same order so I stay on path. I don't like to go down the aisle different than usual. :)

Autumn said...

HOW did you do it 3x with Richard Simmons?! Are you a groupie? :) Funny about the car carrier. I've never been particularly afraid-until 2 days ago. I was on 70 and it was a tad slick. I HAD to pass him to get in the right lane. I was so nervous!! I was thinking about how the driver is just a regular Joe who could wreck any second. YIKES!

mj said...

I hate the phone too. I'm bad at it.