Friday, October 30, 2009

Blast From Halloween Past

You think I do Holidays big? You should meet my old college roommate, Heidi. She's great. Halloween always remind me of her.

Heidi sort of started a Halloween tradition of baking soup in a carved out pumpkin. One year we invited the neighborhood; our whole four-plex and the small apartment we shared a parking lot with. We had 20-some people all crammed into our tiny apartment for a sit down meal. We moved out all the furniture and borrowed everyone's tables and chairs. It was a really fun night.

Carrie (isn't she pretty?) Erin, Heidi, Me

Spencer and I had been dating a year at that point. Spencer got up to make a "big announcement." Half the people really believed Spencer was proposing at a silly Halloween dinner in front of all of these people. I didn't know what he was going to announce, but I knew Spencer well enough to know that that wasn't it.

Heidi ruined his punchline when she asked if he was pregnant. Spencer sat down ashamed. It's so ridiculous. But we really were having a great time.

Carrie borrowed her parents video camera for a semester and we have this night (as well as many other everyday moments) on video. My disc drive is broken. I just recorded it off the tv; a REALLY lousy recording. And I promise that if you didn't know us in college, you won't enjoy this at all. Carrie recorded the whole night, but it's just a lot of nothing...close-ups on Heidi's mouth and everyone's hind quarters, and water fights, but mostly just conversations. Which I enjoy watching. But I'll spare you.

Stay tuned for Halloween costumes...


AshnRuss said...

You have so many fun memories!

Kris said...

You had more fun than anyone I know in college!!! Great memories!! Can't wait to see what your "crazies" are for Halloween.

jeanine said...

can't wait to see the costumes!

Lisha said...

Oh that looks like a blast! I remember we did a date night with Spencer and Bryce in your apartment. We had fondue and you had all of these cute Halloween deocorations. Fun Memories. You had some of the BEST roommates. I've never met a girl funnier than Heidi. What a hoot!
Thanks for sharing the video. I especially liked seeing the Handsome Devil behind Spencer. ;)