Saturday, June 20, 2009


I realize I posted this last Father's Day. But it's timeless. In all my years of taking pictures of my crazies, this remains my favorite. (Sorry Gray...we'll try to get one including you one year.) This is Parker and Reid 3 years ago. I ironed it on a T-shirt for Spence.

He's a great dad. Really truly phenomenal. Everything I lack in parenting skills (which is A LOT) Spencer makes up for and then some. Most of the time, I think he's better cut out for staying at home than I am. Spencer is the ultimate park dad. He asks to go to the park more than the kids do. I think he took the kids to the park four nights this week. And I only accompanied him one of those times. He's compassionate and nurturing. He's sentimental and keeps EVERYTHING they make for him. He gets sad when he thinks about them growing up. He loves the zoo at least as much as they do, maybe more. He's patient and even tempered. He reads every page and every word when reading bedtime stories and even does voices. He's actually great at the whole bedtime routine. He makes up songs and let's the kids have popsicles any time of day. He has a great relationship with every one of our crazies. They light up when he comes home.

I married well. Thanks for being all of that and more to our kids. Happy Father's Day!


Amanda B. said...

What an amazing dad! :) Happy Father's day, Spencer!

And, yes, that picture is a classic- I love it!!! :)

Autumn said...

I SO love this picture. I think you've got to submit it to something somewhere. Its TOO PERFECT! I feel the same way about the making up of what I lack-what a miracle! (Seriously.)

Heidi said...

How sweet! that is one awesome picture. I think the matt love to come home and be the upbeat, fun person that I am not since I just had a baby. I love it that your husband is so into the bedtime routine. Im NOT. Its so great to have that balance!

Jen said...

Very cute tribute to Spencer. I wish I knew him better as a dad, he sounds so great.

Kelly said...

Well that post makes me want to meet your husband. I think you married very well, indeed!

Kelly said...

I love that pic- it always makes me smile!! I think Spencer married well, too- you are great parents, and he is a great dad- the boys adore him, that I know!
Happy Father's Day, Spencer!!

Oh, I think I saw you leaving Easton Thursday...we were looking for a place to park- was it fun?!

jeanine said...

You guys are great together... Happy Father's Day.

Kris said...

What a sweet tribute to your husband Katie. And as always, thank you for the nice words you always leave on my blog.
Yes, that was a good picture of Genny on the horsey, wasn't it!!!
: ) Kris