Monday, February 16, 2009

Better Late Than Never

It’s an unusually slow blogging week for me. I actually have time to write and nothing interesting enough to write about. So since I’ve missed Flashback Fridays the last few weeks, I thought I’d make up for it today. Friday’s keep getting busier. I’m having a hard time keeping up.

I know I’ve shared embarrassing moments before. And I don't often allow myself to get really embarrassed. I have been known to draw attention to myself in otherwise embarrassing situations for shear entertainment purposes. It’s the subtly embarrassing things that I find much harder to cope with while experiencing them. Though it only takes a moment before I’m ready to share it with the world for a good laugh.

This was three years ago, probably to this very week. The end of my pregnancy with Reid was so miserable. He sat in my birth canal for two weeks. I was walking around at 7 centimeters dilated and still not in labor. So needless to say, I spent a lot of time in the house and missed a couple weeks of church. Then I missed church again when he was born…I was still in the hospital on Sunday. And I missed church several weeks after he was born. Though physically, it was my easiest recovery, coming off the hormones from that one was an emotional train wreck. Receiving the news of amputation in your child’s future is pretty rough to cope with through pregnancy hormones and I just wasn’t ready for all the woman at church who, with no propriety, unbundle your infants and rip off their socks to adore their cute baby feet. I know I would have broken down in tears every time some one mentioned Reid’s lack of toes.

I realize that was a long explanation when all I really wanted to get across is that I hadn’t been to church for nearly two months and was really missing it…not to mention missing my young women. Anyway, without telling Spencer I picked a date I would make it back to church and mentally prepared myself for that date. Well Spencer was serving in the stake presidency at the time and that date happened to be the first in a long line of ward conferences he needed to attend. So it turned out I was on my own to have myself plus two kids ready for 9:00am church. Which now doesn’t sound too bad, but at the time it was. It was the first time I left the house alone with two kids. Or really had a need to get myself ready for anything in nearly two months.

The morning was hectic and rushed, but I was ready with the kids and in my seat just in time for the meeting to start. Things were going smoothly. There is always some one around at church to hold your baby and hand your toddler fruit snacks. So no major problems. Until half way through the meeting I looked down and realized I was wearing two different shoes. One brown. One black. With black tights. In my defense, the shoes were very similar styles, heel the same height and width. It was easy not to notice while walking in them.

I looked around to see who was already laughing at me and no one seemed to be noticing. So I calmly crossed my legs at the ankle and tucked them under my seat and tried not to draw attention. Really, rather than hide, I wanted to go up to the front and stand at the pulpit and announce it so we could all have a good laugh and I wouldn’t have to explain it to everyone or wonder who was noticing. But that’s not really how things go.

I deal much better with embarrassment when I can tell a funny story and laugh about it rather than walk the halls with the people behind me snickering at my expense. But whatever. I stuck it out through the rest of church. Like I said, I was happy to be back. And no permanent damage done. I didn’t lose any friends over it.

And though I wouldn’t want to repeat it…it is pretty embarrassing. It somehow seems worth it for a good story.


Jen said...

I would have been so embarrassed. You're good to stick it out at church, I would have gone home after sacrament.

Amanda B. said... that is so freakin' funny!!!! Where was I???? Was I not there that week or was I in the normal fog I usually seem to walk in because I certainly don't remember noticing this. Of course, you could have worn no shoes and I probably wouldn't have noticed- I am not very observant of little things- Aaron laughs at me about that all the time. Your confidence is one thing I love about you- I would have wimped out and gone home too.

Kris said...

A couple of years ago, on my way to my weekly Weight Watcher's meeting, I stopped at Starbucks to get my skinny vanilla latte, and while standing in line, looked down and noticed I had on two different sandals!!! They were flip flop style, so like you, easy to walk in them, and not feel the difference. I was in a hurry, and quickly slid into the shoes closest to my feet, and flew out of the house....and uh oh.....there they were, a black one and a blue one! To make it worse, the man in line behind me, I had already noticed, because he walked in after me, and then got in line behind me, and he was making small talk. I wanted to disappear!!! It was funny. Well, it is now.

Kelly said...

I only remember that story because you told me- no one was checkin out your shoes- but your adorable baby and you!! You could so pull off 2 different shoes and we would all follow suit- you are so fashionista!!

AKA Rosa said...

Sad thing . . .I have done this not once but twice. And they were even the same mismatched pair. A blue and a black to church. I looked down in sacrament meeting and just laughed. I was primary president at the time of the first episode and like you I would rather everyone know and not spend time hiding my feet. It was during the crazy getting ready for the primary program time and I just pointed out to everyone how stressed I was about the primary program and showed them my shoes. There are more things to be embarrassed about and it is so much better to laugh than want to crawl under a rock. Now I know I am in good company. In fact if you would like to you and I can wear our mismatched pairs to church and start a trend!!

Genn said...

That is funny. Those things happen on lack of sleep. I'm glad you are able to laugh at it now. I'm sure it was a bit embarassing at the time. But, people were no doubt, probably just looking at your new beautiful baby.

jeanine said...

I remember you telling us this story shortly after it happened. Too too funny! And I'm sure that no one was laughing behind your back.

jeanine said...
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Nicole said...

I'm glad you can take it like a woman! I would have gone home to change. hahaha

amelia said...

7 centimeters for 2 weeks! YOU ARE KIDDING ME!

And I totally deal with embarrassment the same way. I'd rather make fun of myself then have everyone else make fun of me :)

Erin said...

Katie you always make me grin and giggle. To cute! My embarrassing situation was having the teenage boy I worked for telling me I was leaking breast milk in the middle of his english lesson. Learned to keep spare clothes in the car for those fun times. Poor Taylor is scarred for life thanks to me and my new mom mistakes!! :)

Curtis Whipple said...

Church members are the worst sometimes. The very day we brought Shaw to church, someone had the nerve to ask when we were having more!! That question continued for some time. I would respond one of two ways. I would say very loudly in the halls at church; "Funny you should ask- I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS WRONG, WE HAVE SEX ALL THE TIME! IN THE KITCHEN OR IN OUR LIVING ROOM AND SOMETIMES IN OUR CAR!!" Or, I'd get emotional and say "We'll have another whenever Heavenly Father blesses us with one..." and then I'd turn my head into my sleeve and cry.

Who thinks those questions through? What if we were trying to have another and could not for some reason? Sheesh!

Anyways, great post. Thanks Katie.

Cynthia said...

Your title should be "Katie - Superwoman". Taking kids to church on your own? You are a superhero.
I went to a meeting (a casual meeting, I was wearing pants) with my painting sandals on. Leather sandals that I had painted in for years - all sorts of colors splattered all over them. I think I had slipped them on to go get something outside, then forgot to change them. Plenty of people noticed. What can you do?