Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Blogosphere,

I miss you.



Seriously. Blogging is my favorite hobby. By far. My time has been severely limited lately and I just don't get in nearly as much blogging as I'd like. I get in a quick picture or update here and there, but no real writing. That's what three small crazies will do to a girl I guess. In all honestly, I think about blogging at least hourly...about things I'd like to write about, pictures I'd like to post, events that have gone unrecorded, questions to send out to the world wide web, and about what my friends are keeping themselves busy with. Blogging keeps me sane. I feel like I have too much going on in my head to not write it down. It's such a stress reliever. I could really use a dose of stress relief these days.

I tend to blog while Park is at school and the other two are napping. I volunteer in his class on Fridays so that is why I've been missing out on my favorite Friday Flashbacks. I've had some good ones planned that I totally missed out on. I could make up for it at night, but fall semester is wrapping up for Spencer and he tends to hog the computer at night these days. Plus he makes fun of my blogging addiction so I prefer to do it uninterrupted.

'M' was the letter of the week so we all got mustache's.

And nap times the rest of the week have been filled with all kinds of projects. My sewing machine has taken up permanent residence in my living room lately.

Parker's school in making a school quilt and I volunteered to make his class quilt square.

A friend hired me to make a few things for her sons big first birthday bash. So a little preview for you Terin... I'll probably write more about this on my other blog in the future. Her sons name is Jackson Cash and they call him Cash. Is that the cutest name you've ever heard?

I have Christmas pj's to make for the whole family. Pictures I'm sure to come.

And since the superhero capes were such a hit with the crazies last Christmas, I thought they needed matching superhero accessories this year.

The boys and I did sneak out for a visit with the big guy. Though you can't tell from the picture, all my boys were way past thrilled to see him. I've never had a Santa crier. That jolly old elf has not scared a single one of my kids. Gray makes that face when forced to sit on any ones lap. Even mine. He doesn't like being confined. He ran right up to him.

Santa's sleigh has to be pulled by motorcycle here in Texas.

And we of course got decorations up lickety split. This is the first year we've ever had a fire place. It looks so Christmas-y. And though I am not fond of my stockings, I love it.

I think the tree skirt is my favorite decoration I pull out of my box each year.

Anyway my cyber friends...I miss you. I hope to be back in full swing one day soon. Wishful thinking, I know. Until then a few generic comments...congratulations, your kids are adorable, what a great trip, you look fantastic, how did he fit that up his nose anyway?, and Happy Holidays!


jeanine said...

katie i've been wondering where you were! i've missed hearing about your life with the crazies! I love that birthday banner... I keep thinking that I want to make something like that... but mine would never turn out as great as yours. And I LOVE the quilt square. Seriously, you are super talented. And one day soon I'm bound and determined to make some cute stockings for my family... any suggestions?

Heidi said...

love your tree! and your fireplace. I still havent put up the stockings.
You are one talented girl with that sewing machine. Im a little jealous!

Traci Elizabeth said...

Your boys are so cute sitting on santas lap...have parker and Gray sit next to each other, I realize how much they look alike!

Yes, we all miss you in the blogging world, more than you know.

I love the name Cash, Cameron and I have contemplated that for the next boy...super cute.

Sheryl said...

YOu are being super mom and student supporter! Can you believe how much time it takes? You are doing great! Love those MMMMustaches!

Lauri said...

I LOVE your fireplace mantle. How do you manage to get so much done anyway? AMAZING!

The picture of the boys with Santa is adorable. Glad they loved him so much.

And your birthday stuff is turning out cute. Looks like you're going to meet your deadline.

Man oh man, you've been busy!!!!!

Autumn said...

I'm sure you know this but I miss your posts. I have been MIA myself for other reasons-which I might get to post about tonight. PLEASE post a picture of all your clocks. I'm dying to see! Mega kudos to your sewing skills that benefit Parker's class, and I love it that you volunteer. What do you do with your other kiddies? (In all your spare time you can reply to that!) :) I had a hunch the next time you'd post it would include Christmas decor. Happy busy-ing!

Kelly said...

I'm glad we got a new post from you. I miss your blogging too! And my husband makes fun of my blogging addiction as well. I love all your stories and pictures!

Jason and I also love the name Cash and are thinking about it for the boy, but our moms both hate it! What are we to do?! LOL

Kris said...

Welcome back, you were missed. But it looks like you weren't slacking!!! LOVE the house decorations......LOVE the quilt know I am a quilter, LOVE the decorations for CASH...and Kelly Enlow, oops, Castellon, I LOVE the name CASH! And if you and Jason love it, your Moms will learn to....just as soon as they lay eyes on that baby!

Kelly said...

I love the new background, first of all! Love the white!
YOur house looks so great, and the boys too! Love the mantle and clocks! You always have great stuff!

Amanda B. said...

You have been missed- and apparently very busy! :) Glad you are doing well- that quilt square is beautiful! :)

Abbey said...

i know how you feel, I just did one big post for all of November too. your tree looks great but then again it always looks like it came straight out of a magazine.

Abbey said...

i know how you feel, I just did one big post for all of November too. your tree looks great but then again it always looks like it came straight out of a magazine.

Abbey said...

i know how you feel, I just did one big post for all of November too. your tree looks great but then again it always looks like it came straight out of a magazine.

Genn said...

Katie! You're back! Oh how I have missed your posts and your great comments!! Looks like you have been busy! I know what you mean about missing the blogosphere! I feel like since Claire was born I do not get to blog like I was used to. It's just quick peeks here and there, and comments when I have time.

That's great that you get to help out in Parker's classroom. I bet he loves it! Your quilt looks great. And I love your tree skirt. Mine is gold, and it is also one of my favorite pieces of our tree decor.

Happy Holidays, and hope you get to blog more soon!