Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Something to Blog About

Kim tagged me like a month ago and I'm barely getting to this. Here it goes...

Five things I was doing ten years ago...
1. getting kicked out of seminary...repeatedly
2. ditching seminary...repeatedly
3. babysitting a lot
4. spending all my free time with my favorite high school friends
5. flirting

Five things on my to do list today...
1. exercise
2. take the crazies to the library
3. fold the laundry
4. breathe
5. watch 30 Rock

Five snacks I enjoy...
1. french fries
2. sweedish fish
3. carmel
4. sugar snap peas...straight from the garden
5. trail mix

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire...
1. get a PhD
2. pay off all payment, student loans, you name it...that's a given right?
3. often as I like
4. hire a house keeper
5. travel

Five places I have lived
1. Phoenix, Arizona
2. Corona, California
3. Logan, Utah
4. Columbus, Ohio
5. Mars...or it might as well be...Texas is just that foreign

Five jobs I have had
1. Video Store Clerk (I got to answer the phone: "Hello, Go Video"...I had a friend who called regularly just to laugh when I answered.)
2. Home Health Aid / Translator / Personal Assistant...I don't quite know how to define this job, but it was by far my most interesting. I'll write about it sometime.
3. EFY Counselor
4. Stylish Fabrics...fabric and sewing machine sales
5. Safe and Drug Free School Coordinator...again, a job to write about.


Autumn said...

haha. Your TX comment is too funny. Can't wait to hear about the personal assistant job.

Lauri said...

What?! You ditched seminary. You need to teach early morning seminary to have a full appreciation.

I flunked seminary...yep, I got an F because I was so unruley one year ( I don't think they even do that anymore). Anyway it was pay back time when I was called to be an early morning seminary teacher for 3 years.

Kelly said...

You have had such a fun life!! you are so interesting, and I would've never guessed you ditched seminary!! You are a goody-goody, right?! That was really fun!

jeanine said...

fun list!

Kris said...

LOL...Katie you do interest me!!!

Kim said...

Ah every time I think about early morning seminary I am grateful I am no longer in high school.