Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Later that same day...

What is it about this time of year? This very week last year I entertained you all at my expense with Mess Week 2007 (part I, part II). Minus the stomach flu (knock on wood) this week is shaping out to be about the same.

I recently share the Lysol story. Later that morning... I found this:

An empty toy shelf. How curious.

And where's Reid? In my room looking out a second story window.

What's he looking at?

Ah...that's were your now broken toys are.

Look what was lined up to go out the window next.

I see a future science project for Reid...which brands of toys hold strong after being dumped out a second story window? Surprisingly, the Tonka truck was the only thing that didn't make the fall...and it was on the fritz anyway. Kids toys are seriously built to withstand anything.

The crazies have seriously been on a rampage this week. The toilets specifically have been an issue because ALL THREE CRAZIES like to stuff them with things that don't belong.

The latest? A good portion of our Sam's Club sized dog food bag has been unloaded into the washing machine. Our laundry room/ pantry/ mud room is where we house the dog food as well as our food, shoes and washer. Every shelf and every shoe was also filled with dog food. As was Gray's mouth when he found what the older two had done.

AyAyAy. What have I gotten myself into? I suppose it's not hard to believe that these cute faces could cause so much trouble. They can't help but look a little mischievous.

And for anyone wondering...Parker did get a hair cut. I cut about three inches off. It was a little sad. I hardly recognized him for a couple days. I liked his shaggy hair...as did he. But it's so thick, it was getting unmanageable. It's nice to be able to fix his hair again. Though he is very particular about how he wears it.



Doesn't he look like a completely different kid?

And a few more pictures just for good measure. Gray is really looking older these days. Maybe that's because he's FINALLY WALKING. Sheesh. It's about time. And he still doesn't use walking for his main mode of transportation. But he can walk across a room.

We bought this shirt for Parker a long time ago and yesterday was cold enough for long sleeves. (WooHoo. Too bad today is back up to 78. Though truthfully, this weather is ideal, I'm ready for fall.) Spencer has a shirt that matches almost exactly and Parker wanted to match. He his a little fashioniste. We go through quite a process deciding what to wear every morning. I thought he looked particularly cute yesterday. Four going on 25.

As if this email wasn't long enough... I'm switching gears a bit. We moved to this house that's nearly three times the size of our house in Ohio. We don't have enough stuff to fill it and our current decorating allowance is $0. But the white, empty walls are driving me mad. I've attempted to put something on the walls a few times and never been happy with the outcome. I scoured my house yesterday and this is what I came up with for the wall above my piano. I think it's kind of a fun look. It's definitely not ideal, but I'm pleased with my resourcefulness.

And just a close up on one of the pictures. This is a postcard I've saved since high school. I've always thought it was funny, but I've never done anything with it. Who knew I'd end up hanging it in my living room.


Autumn said...

Very cool-the frames! I'm supposed to be cleaning the office now so I'll have to read the rest later, but I like your frames! And LOVE the postcar, how funny!! What a great way to use it.

Genn said...

Wow, I am glad it wasn't Reid who wound up falling out the window! I hope they can't get themselves out, just the toys! Those boys of yours are so darn cute and funny. It looks as though there are many good laughs that take place in your home Katie. Such fun memories, even though I am sure at times things can seem disastrous.
Again, so glad only the Tonka truck got hurt.

Love your resourcefulness with the frames. Way to go. It looks very artistic.

And isnt it funny how the youngest child seems to walk so much later than the other kids usually? I'm glad Gray is getting a move on. I hated the crawling stage. Once they master walking it is so much easier, and less dirty.

Lauri said...

I was thinking the same thing Genn was...if things can get so easily out your window, what kept Reid from going out too?! Glad he didn't try THAT. This was hilarious though and it made good reading to remember the messes they made last year. Those boys!

(And yes, Grayden is looking A LOT older).

Traci Elizabeth said...

OH my...boys are crazy. I remember my little brother always doing crazy things like that.

One time when he was real young (we are talking 4 or 5) he lit a cheerio on fire in his closet. When it took flame he tried to cover it up with clothes and nearly burnt the house down. BOYS ARE CRAZY!!

Hubba's Thoughts said...

Good job on the home decor! Those pictures look great. It's always fun to get those creative juices flowin' to what happens in the end.. As far as your boys throwing toys out the window...... Sorry, but I think it's funny. It's these moments you will mess when they're older!!!

Abbey said...

Oh my I love Parkers hair. He looks so grown up. Your boys are adorable I think God made them that way so they can get away with more:) You are such a good mom. Your decorating is cute, I wish I just had things laying around.

Kelly said...

WOW!! I am still having a hard time digesting all the dog food you found!! crazy boys!!
Love the decorating! i am in the process of repainting my kitchen, though I am not changing the rest of the decor- just making it neutral in hopes of moving...someday!

Kelly said...

Oh my! You could have had a very bad day with that upstairs window... glad it was just the toys. SCARY! And I can't even imagine the craziness thatgoes on in your house with 3 boys. I think it's crazuy here with just 1... omigosh am I in for it!

I love the wall with all the picture frames! Seriously, it looks great! You're so creative!

jeanine said...

I love all the frames... you are so creative!

And your boys are crazy! I think I would have freaked out at any one of the incidents that you mentioned!

I love Parkers haircut... all of them are looking so much older!

Kris said...

Really Katie, WRITE a book!
Love it!

Heidi said...

Your kids are always quite cute. Im sure they get it from their momma! and I have to say I love the wall. we have been in our house for nearly a year, and there are still some bare walls, and like you we have an allowance of $0. Not an easy task... but good job!!!

Valarie said...

I like the frame wall. It looks great.
We have had the whole dog food shoved into every hole possible thing in our house too. Whenever mine get into trouble like that, I always say to myself "Well, at least they are doing it TOGETHER." Nothing like a little sibling bonding.
I was so happy because we got to wear long sleeve shirts for two days last week. We're back to t-shirts and shorts now.
Oh, and your boys are sooo ridiculously cute.

Amanda B. said...

Wow!! I am just glad HE didn't go out the window!!!! Better broken toys then broken kid! Yikes! And, I love the frames- what a great idea!!!

Jen said...

Your stories are so entertaining. Love your picture wall, cute idea.

Megan said...

Your boys and my Ella and Lucy would have a HAY DAY together!

Autumn said...

Okay, I finally read it. MAN-little rascals. I was frustrated today, for no good reason compared to your week!! Good grief, did you ever scream? I think the dog food in the dryer would make me go nuts-that is what you wrote, right? The toys out the window are pretty funny though...I love Parker's outfit and haircut. And I love the picture of Gray with his eyes shut.

Kim said...

I couldn't find a thanksgiving one I liked...I'm not much for christmas early but I didn't want to spend the time to find anything else.. sad I know.