Monday, September 29, 2008

Cold Decembers Bring...

...September birthdays. Seriously. I have seen more birthdays being celebrated in the blogosphere this month than any other. Maybe I'm more aware because it's the month I celebrate my birthday, but I really think it's true. Is it cold winters? or Christmas romance? or what?

Grady Face turned the big ONE on Saturday. Hip, Hip, Hooray! With the exception of a big birthday breakfast on Saturday, we did the real celebrating on Sunday. It was just a busy Saturday and we hadn't even had a chance to shop for presents yet and I had somewhere to be on Saturday night. So Sunday it was. We would have had the breakfast on Sunday, too but with church at 9:00am and it being fast Sunday...we had our breakfast on Saturday.

I made orange rolls and sausage (a first birthday favorite at our house) and all he wanted was my fruit smoothie and un-buttered whole wheat toast. (Healthy Competition) So I had to salivate over those orange rolls that I didn't get to eat for nothing. He would have been fine with my breakfast. And he wouldn't let anyone touch his smoothie. He drank two of them. I've never thought to give him one before and he loved it.

I dressed him in my favorite church outfit...since it was his birthday afterall.

We have a first birthday tradition of decorating the birthday crazy's high chair and making homemade party hats. Grady was no exception. We had a caterpillar party.

Complete with a creepy caterpillar cake and all. Though it's green frosting and bug eyes may look less than appetizing, it was the best birthday cake I've ever eaten. Spencer is a great baker. That nasty bug has been staring me in the eyes all day today and it's driving me crazy trying to resist it.

Gray was his usual happy self all day.

And his new trick is pretending to sneeze (as seen in the picture above). He cracks himself up.

He had a couple presents to open...literally just a couple. All his presents (besides a check from Grandma Smith) are seen here. I'm not a huge fan of toys and by the time crazy #3 rolls around, you really don't need anything. Less toys keeps a kid happier. One year olds are easily overstimulated by too many presents.

This is a favorite picture. The crazies always pick their own clothes on Sunday afternoon. So for Parker, that consists of a pair of batman boxer brief's (not pictured) and for Reid it's some mix-matched winter jammies. Whatever. I love that I captured a moment on camera where all three of them are focused on one thing and they're all getting along. A very rare and treasured moment.

They presents were a hit (literally). He loves peek-a-boo and that's him saying "boo" as he's throwing the sleeping bag off his head.

Despite the face, we enjoyed our dinner.

...then on to party hats.

The caterpillar cake scared him a bit, too.

And like most one year olds, he know how to enjoy a cake.

We rounded off the night with a Smith family pajama party. Take note of the chubs on my one year old.

I'm Grayden Smith
and I approve this message.


Autumn said...

What a great party! That cake is GREAT!!! I love it. I love the idea of decorating the high chair. You know how to party! I love his Sunday outift. And I love his hair in the last pic. Such a good idea to clip it as you did.

Autumn said...

Oh, I also meant to add that I too know a lot of people with fall birthdays. And as proof of your theory, remember the baby boom in our ward around the time Ellie was born? I think its SUCH a fun time of year to have a birthday.

utmomof5 said...

Happy Birthday Grayden!! I really liked your cake!! Looks like a great day with your family!!

I agree about cold decembers -- my son's b-day was sunday :P

Eric and Jen said...

So fun! He looks so grown up. The pictures are darling. You guys really know how to party.

Traci Elizabeth said...

Awesome cake!! And a caterpillar party? rad. Next year my goal is to have parties for both of my kiddos...because of schedules and family emergencies, Olivia has never had a party. So sad.

I love Grays chub. priceless

Genn said...

Great pictures! He looks adorable. Big one year old now. Wow. Fun party decor too. You guys do it up right.

Kris said...

As usual Katie, You entertain and amaze me. Your knowledge of childrens needs vs wants, continues to amaze me. You are far beyond your years in wisdom.
And what a smart girl to take off the highchair pad before cake celebration! The memories you are making with your kids will last a lifetime, and carry on with their families, mark my words!
PS My Mom did a lot of those same kinds of things! One afternoon after school, there was a birthday cake from the bakery that said Happy Birthday Bob, or someone we didn't know. She bought it, half off, because whomever ordered it didn't show up, and we had a birthday party, complete with cake and singing for "Bob" after dinner! What fun!

Lauri said...

YAY! I've been waiting for this post. Looks like you had a fun day and the cake and decor turned out cute. You're so creative that way. I think my mother's creative genes bypassed me and went straight to you. Your kiddos will have such fun memories of their birthdays.

Can't wait to see those little munchkins SOON!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

How cute and Happy Birthday. I am also a September Birthday girl and we were married in September so it is one amazing month!
Totally cute little party, LOVE that you decorate the High Chair. And love, love, love the cake! SO CUTE!!!
Happy First Little Man!

Valarie said...

Oh my, is he cute or what?!? What a great 1st Birthday party. The cake looks great to me. And his chub is freakin' adorable!

jeanine said...

You have such fun birthday traditions! I love the caterpillars idea! Super cute! I can't believe how big Gray is now!

Erin said...

What a cutie! I just want to cuddle him. Congrats on surviving 3 crazies and raising them all past their 1st year!!

Kelly said...

I've said it before: how do I get adopted into the family?! You throw the best parties and take the best pictures and create lasting memories!!
I just love those pictures of Grayden and the catepillar cake!! You are too fun!!

Traci Elizabeth said...

A girl in my ward makes them. They are so cute. The big hit are her baby slings, she does a great job. I wish I had the talent you all possess!!

Lisha said...

Wow! I want to be one of your kids! You sure know how to party. I love the traditions you have and the fun decorating and the cute cake, too fun!
Grayden looks like he had a blast! He is such a cutie pie. Loved all of the pictures.

Amanda B. said...

Love the cake!!! Spencer- that is amazing!

Happy Birthday, Gray!!! Wow- I can't believe it has been a year?!?! I agree with your theory about September birthdays. I have one too, so I know! ;)

Like Autumn said, there was a late August boom in babies when her Ellie was born! :)

gibblove said...

Oh my gosh, he is the cutest thing ever!! I love the chubs. We so need to get together so you can show me all your hidden talents we don't know about. I love to be crafty and it looks like you do too:) See you later!


Stubbart Family said...

That is one popular day to have a birthday! That makes four of them just in our ward, plus my nephew in Utah!

Love the party hats and decorations! You sure are creative!

Betheny & Jacob said...

September is actually the month with the most birthdays in the US.(Statistically speaking) It's actual fact!
You are probably the best mom I've ever met - hands down. That is the cutest little birthday party ever! And the cake is aweosome! How did he shape it?

Kelly said...

You're such a great mom! You make me sick! J/K

Happy Birthday to Grayden! Looked like a fun celebration... and of course, decorated perfect!

Jessica said...

Great Party! I love the first birthday it is my favorite. Especially the cake. So I can't believe how old Gray is looking. When did he start looking like a little boy. He is to cute. Happy Birthday Grayden. In about 15 years I will let you take Emily out. :)

Jessica said...

Great Party! I love the first birthday it is my favorite. Especially the cake. So I can't believe how old Gray is looking. When did he start looking like a little boy. He is to cute. Happy Birthday Grayden. In about 15 years I will let you take Emily out. :)

Violet and Thomas said...

You make me so excited to have a boy!!! I think I am the type of mom that would do well with all boys like you.

Don't be too surprised if you see a caterpillar birthday party next year on my blog, complete with a decorated high chair and caterpillar cake. I'm not very good at coming up with my own ideas but I am great at modifying other people's ideas.

Heidi said...

My goodness... that boy is definitley Chubs! I love it though.
Happy Birthday Grayden!

rachel said...

Katie your comments crack me up. He is darling. Loving the chubs. :)