Thursday, August 7, 2008

Turning Japanese...

...I think I'm turning Japanese. I really think so.
(For those of you who don't know...that's a song.
I'm not a racist.)

Anyway...I've been taking a lot of pictures lately. Some are completely random. Others just from events I never blogged about. All are way too cute not to post. So this is some of what we've been up to the past couple weeks.

Park got new goggles and wears them even when they're not necessary.

This is classic Grady Face.

Sweet Baby Gray

I was taking a picture of Reid...which didn't turn out so good. But I did happen to catch my recently decorated bookshelf in the background. We don't have enough stuff to fill up our big house so I decided to decorate with books. I think it makes us look like smart and interesting people. I'm happy with how it turned out.

I was bathing Gray and Parker came running in the bathroom like this. He was the Incredible Hulk. Smart costume choice on his part, huh?

We attended the ward Pioneer Day party and the crazies (including Spencer had a great time.)

Spencer and Park found time to squeeze in a Saturday afternoon nap.

We took pictures with the self timer on the camera for an FHE activity. It had been a long day and I hadn't fixed my hair or even looked in a mirror for over twelve hours...I look AWFUL, but the picture is so cheesy, I thought it was hilarious. We're perfectly posed and all in solid, bright colors. This is the only one that really turned out...

...the rest looked more like this.

Not a cute picture...and my crazies are all in their PJ's...but I think this is the first time I've ever caught all three of them playing nicely together on purpose.

Reid is really into lining things up...

...and hording things.

This is how I constantly find Gray...longing to climb the stairs (and if the gate's ever down, he flies up those things). But this day, the other two, who know how to climb over the gate, decided to join him.

Parker fixing his own hair.

Welcome to my crazy life.


Lisha said...

Those pictures are too fun! What cute boys! Katie, you are too hard on yourself you always look awesome.

Chris and Jenn said...

What great memories. That was a fun post. Your family is awesome and I LoVe the family picture you guys took with the self timer, it turned out terrific!

Traci Elizabeth said... kind of a spaz. Out of all those adorable pics the only thing I can think about is the fact that you have 3 clocks above your mantle with different times.

Lauri said...

You guys have so much fun at your house. I love the picture you were all in. That should be on a Christmas card. The picture of Parker and Reid in the three-legged race is cute. And of course the one of sweet Grayden is adorable.

Traci, talk about noticing details. I didn't even notice any pictures that showed the mantle let alone the clocks with different times from around the US.

Katie said...

Traci...The big clock is on Texas time. The other two are on the time zones our families are in. One in Utah, and the other Arizona (or California...we can pretend it's for you). I'd actually like some more clocks...I don't know what time zones we'll set those to yet.

Amanda B. said...

How cute- looks like so much fun. I think you look great in the family picture! I agree with your mom it would make a great christmas card picture. So many of them remind me of my kids. Like Reid lining up toys in the bathtub- Jacob does that. :) So fun!

Genn said...

Very cute pictures. And wow, Traci is observant! It's funny what some people notice and others don't. I did not see the different times on the clocks, I just noticed one clock and the mantle. And your nice looking leather couches. I really want leather, so I was admiring yours.

Such a cute picture of Parker in his vest. So creative of him. And Reid lining up his toys, too cute. I remember my little brother doing that with all of his cowboys and indians.

Kris said...

I love having this window to peek inside your "crazy" life with your "crazies." It is such a joy!

utmomof5 said...

What a fun bunch of pictures!!! Your boys are too cute :)

Kim said...

Your family is adorable!!!

Kris said...

I feel like a boob!! Oh no, there I go with the body parts again. I sure hope I didn't offend you with my stupid humor.
Hoof in mouth Kris
: (

Valarie said...

Yeah, like you gon't wear your goggles around when on one is looking! :) I LOVE that pic of your family when you used the self timer. It's great! My 3 year old lines things up. About two weeks ago, he lined things (toys, books, bowls) up to see if he could make them reach from one end of the house to the other. He did. It kept him busy for more than an hour. It was awesome.

jeanine said...

LOVE the family picture... and the close up of Gray. Super cute.

Erin said...

Pics of your boys so make me want to have more of my own. they are so stinking cute, and totally remind me of Austin and all the fun that boys bring into playtime!