Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Utah Tourists

(The temple does not stink...We only took one picture in front of the temple because people were waiting...and this is what we got.)

I've never visited Utah and felt so much like a tourist. We visited temple square on our trip and we were the sight seers from Texas. For any of you who have not visited Temple Square, it is worth the trip...whether you are LDS or not. It is gorgeous. I have never seen a block of buildings so well kept...so well landscaped, in any other down-town capital city, in any other state, anywhere. It is breathtaking.

As I've mentioned before, Parker loves everything to do with church. I wish I could remember everything he said and did while we were there. I remembered to write down just two.

He walked in the building where President Monson works and sat down in the lobby. He said he was not leaving until he saw President Monson. Parker was sure President Monson would be happy to see him. We assured him he would be but that he was really busy. Parker's response was, "Why is President Monson busy? Is he cleaning that big statue thing or something?" (He was referring to the big statue of Christ in the visitor center.)

Parker has always looked forward to being a missionary when he gets older. When we were leaving temple square, he said, "I want to be a prophet and a missionary when I grow up...like Alma."

Parker sounds like my golden child or something. All my crazies are great. They all had a good time. He's just the oldest who says the most funny and intelligent things...so they get written down the most often. All the boys seemed to enjoy Temple Square. They were happy to be there and had so many smart questions and funny comments.

I think Reid's starting to look older lately.

This is the only picture of Gray at Temple Square and I'm only in 3 pictures from the entire trip. So I suppose I'll include it.

Parker insisted several times I take a cute picture of him with his hand on face.


Lauri said...

ADORABLE! You're right, Reid IS looking a lot older.

Kelly said...

They are ALL looking a little older!! You, however, look stunningly cute in your glasses and cute red necklace!! The temple is breathtaking, that is for sure, and those pics at Temple Square are just fantastic! I loved them all!

trentnjeanmorello said...

These pictures are so adorable! Kids at Temple Square are always so awesome-I remember taking the three kids I was a nanny for there...I still have pictures from that!

You have such a cute family!

Genn said...

What beautiful pictures! Love the ones of the boys in front of the fountain. So neat. And your haircut is so cute Katie! I wish mine wasn't so curly and I would cut it short. IF I did, the curl would take over and it would just look like an afro!

Have a great time when your mom comes to visit! I bet you and the kids will have a blast with her there!

jeanine said...

I love the pictures! Reid is looking a LOT older! Crazy. Glad you had fun on temple square.

Cynthia said...

That stinky ol' temple :)
Those pictures are adorable. It is fun to take them back years later and have them pose in the same spots. I wonder if Parker will do a cute pose with a hand on his cheek when he is 14! Have fun. SLC is a fun touristy town.
Liberty park is fun for the kids too.

Amanda B. said...

Your right- Reid is looking a lot older! (Actually, I agree with Kelly- they are all looking older!) I still have never even been to Utah and I long to go to Temple Square. Someday... That is awesome that everyone enjoyed so much and that Parker is so aware! :)

Abbey said...

I love your boys so much!!! Reid is looking so big and Parker is still as cute as can be, ham and all. We drove by your old house today and little Ross still insisted that it was Parkers house. Your boys sure left an impact on him. We miss you and can't wait to see you!!

Traci Elizabeth said...

Super cute pics....and I agree Reid is looking much older (I guess traveling in the car for 23 hours will do that to anybody!)

I love Parkers thoughts. He is so funny. I definately think Pres Monson cleans "that statue" in his free time.

Jessica said...

I love temple square too! I am glad you were able to take the boys there. I love what Parker said about President Monson. What would have been amazing if he really did walk by when he was sitting there. I think they use underground tunnels though.

Erin said...

I need to take my group there. Paul has never been. Love the pic of the boys. They are `so cute!

Chris and Jenn said...

I havent been to temple square in years! It is a beautiful place to be! I love Parkers comments.