Monday, July 14, 2008

Uncle Mike

Jeff...that picture is for you. Duh!

More Utah...

I have the benefit of having a brother who lives in Utah. We see him more than most of our siblings. He comes down when we visit Mom in Arizona and we get to see him when we visit Utah. BONUS!

Mike is a very thoughtful and generous brother. He took us out to dinner and was willing to suffer through the craziness of three small boys at a pizza place. Thanks was DELISH! He came with a new cd for us and had thought up some plans to do while we were there. He took us over to this farm after dinner for the boys to see some animals and sit on some tractors. Score one for Uncle Mike. It was fun evening. And my boys LOVE Uncle Mike.

It's nice to have some one around who doesn't have any kids. Mike wasn't worn out from children and he was more than willing to entertain...and they were more than willing to have him entertain them. When Parker said, "let's race," Mike had no idea what he was in for.

Driving the tractors.

Petting the animals...even Gray got in on this one.

Gray in his assigned seat.



Thanks Mike! We had more fun than we even expected.


Erin said...

Gotta love those uncles and aunts who are willing to play! Looks like he kept them busy!!

Genn said...

Nice that you got to see your brother. Isn't that so true about people with no kids having way more energy to entertain yours!

Sheryl said...

I have Jackson here, and his Uncle Skyler is definitely his favorite. They know when someone plays with them, and laughs with them, that they are in good hands. YAY Uncle Mike!

Kris said...

How fun Katie. What does your brother do in Utah? Looks like the kiddos had a great time, and I bet Uncle Mike slept in an extra hour or two after you left!!!!
Hooray for Uncles!!

Kelly said...

Uncles who don't have kids are the best- Dana has a younger brother who my kids adore. They haven't seen him in over a year, but when he was here or we were visiting him, he was totally all about them! He played, wrestled, spent money on, and just had fun- I relaxed!!
The boys seemed to love him trememdously!! Lucky boys!! Oh, and adorable too!

jeanine said...

How fun is that?! Looks like that farm was a blast. Way to go Mike!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

That seriously looks like a really really fun time. I love farms, I think if I had my way I would have grown up on one for sure instead of the City of San Diego but what can I do now??? Maybe own one someday if I can talk Kipper into it, maybe if I tell him he can have a dirtbike he will agree???
Well looks like fun and your kiddies are cute stuff!

Shalece said...

Yes Uncles and Aunts are great! The farm, what a fun idea, looks like the boys loved it! And of course your boys are as cute as always. :)

Autumn said...

I of course love my sisters. But I have to say I'd LOVE to have a brother interact with my kids. Something about men and kids-I would so love to see how my brother might treat his nieces (if I had one...) How awesome of him-down to the planning-and CD?! My gosh. I can't get enough. I LOVE your intro for that picture "he didn't know what he was in for"...and then the long distance pic of them running even still!! HAHA. That's hilarious!!

(do you like my late hour? I cannot sleep!!!)

Amanda B. said...

Awesome! Loving the pictures! Brothers are great to have. I am glad your kids get to hang with your brothers! :)

Kris said...

Hi Katie,
I got your comment. Thanks for writing. I am combining my cakes and my personal blog for now. Having a blast with it. I am a foodie, so look for recipes and stuff like that.
: ) Hey, have a great time with your Mom!!!