Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy. Happy. Happy.

You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime.
~john p. grier

Spencer's birthday is Monday so for today's flashback...a recap of Spencer's year of being 30. (That's right folks, he's 31 this year.) Spencer hates getting pictures taken so I don't have that many. When I get the camera out, he pulls some goofy face. He figures he'd rather look funny on purpose than by accident. So here it is. Love you Babe....You can thank me later.

Spencer's 30th 30 year old husband wanted to celebrate at the zoo.

Young's Dairy...Labor Day

Shortly after Gray was born. I remember coming home from something to see this. Do they look exhausted or what?

The Pumpkin Festival


Gray's Blessing Day

The Buckeye Game (Thanks again Abbey!)


Reid's Birthday

(Spencer stuffed his pants with balloons at Reid's party. Didn't know that one was going to end up on the web did ya?)

Faces at the park

The Zoo


Thomas the Train Ride


One of our favorite family past times...making faces in the computer photo booth.

I love this man. Happy Birthday.

Mike's birthday is tomorrow. I haven't unpacked boxes of pictures yet. Consider yourself lucky. You can bet you'll get your flashback, only a little late. Happy Birthday Mike!


Traci Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday to Spencer! He seems like a quiet but funny guy. I love all the pics, you two are lucky to have each other.

The pic of Spencer with Parker and Gray all dressed up (I assume Easter)..I just bought Grays shirt for Boston for $1.99 and both of the ties for 99 cents each. Can't beat the outlet.

Happy birthday to mike as well. I always really liked Mike, that it until he chased me around your house with a fake snake.

Heidi said...

WOW! Happy Birthday Spencer! those are some great photos!

Lauri said...

Are you sure those are balloons in Spencer's pants?

Autumn said...

Once again I started making a mental list of favs and lost track. Of course the last ones as a family. The OSU one and the one above it (I think that's right.) Oh, and of course the ghetto booty. Happy birthday!

jeanine said...

Happy Birthday Spencer! It was great to see so many pictures... since we never see ANY.

And happy birthday Michael too!

Traci... I TOTALLY remember the snake incident! Too funny! Didn't that happen when we were supposed to be working on 'Tea Time with Katie & Traci'?

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Spencer!! Those are some interesting pics Katie chose of you!! They were great and I loved watching you make the funny faces in the camera!! Great fun!! Have a great day, all of you and enjoy being 31!!

Abbey said...

Happy Birthday Spencer. I was wanting to send some cookies your way, i just need your new address. Katie love all the crazy computer pictures.

Amanda B. said...

What awesome pictures!!! I love the one of them all laying on the couch half asleep- that is great! and the morphed ones are a hoot too. Love all the faces, Spencer! Looks like you had a great year. Happy Birthday!!! :)

Jessica said...

Happy Happy Birthday Spencer and Mike. I love the pics. Your family is so darling and it looks like you are always having so much fun.

I am waiting to see more pics or your new house once you are all moved in. It looks so awesome I am so excited for you.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! He seems like such a nice guy!... always looks so happy! Love the one of Spencer and all the boys looking so exhausted on the couch! Don't you wonder what they get up to when you're away??

When Derek was about a year old I came home to find black circles all over his mouth. Turns out he was outside washing dad's truck with him and he put his face on the exhaust pipe. Nice! And Jason let him and then proceeded to take pictures. Boys! I can't imagine having 3 of them! We'll see what this pregnancy brings! LOL

Pedersens said...

Happy Birthday Spencer!! I LOVED all the pictures.

Kris said...

I got your note on Genny's blog. Thanks. Don't sell yourself short. You have a gift. Use it. I too always had an interest in writing. I kept detailed journals through all of my pregnancies, and well, always. I used to love Taryl Zarnow's column in The Orange County Register. She wrote of every day life with her kids and husband. Always a hoot. Two of my kids are also great writers. Genny and Drew! Your style of writing, the way you make light of every day life with a young family, would appeal to so many. Approach your local paper, see what they say? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
But, keep writing, it is always fun to read.
; ) Kristy

Sheryl said...

Cute pictures of your Spencer!Love the family picture at Christmas. Gray looks just a little squished, but he's probably used to that by now. I see your dad in Reid. Sooo cute, love you!

utmomof5 said...

Happy Birthday Spencer!! Now let your wife take more pictures of you!

tcup said...

I love the balloon picture. Happy Birthday a little late!

Chrissie said...

These are great pictures! Happy Birthday Spencer!

Betheny & Jacob said...

He seems hillarious. My favorite pic is the one of him stutting his Easter outfit. Tell him that we wish him a very happy b-day. I always love your posts.