Monday, April 14, 2008

Fits of Terror

So I haven't posted the crazy things that come out of the mouths of my primary kids for a few weeks. Some days they are way too out of control to write anything down. I try to remember what they say, but if I don't write it down, I just can't get it right.

But yesterday, I only had one kid in my class. Not because he was the only one at church, however. L. was there, but when his dad brought him to opening exercises, he threw a fit of terror. Seriously, tears. He clung to his dad for dear life. I expected him to calm down and come to class later, but he never showed. And E. was there for opening exercises and part of sharing time. But I couldn't get her to stop crying/ pouting the whole time, either. I don't know if someone got her parents or what, but they came and got her before class started. I was left alone with A. This is just another reason I should not be a primary teacher. I scare those poor kids.

If they only knew I feel the same. I rarely make it through a Sunday morning without at least a little nausea. I very seriously get a lump in my stomach just thinking/ dreading what's in store for me that afternoon. And there are probably only two Sundays I haven't come home in tears...yesterday being the second.

Onto better things...Out Of The Mouth Of Babes:

A: Even I got a play set with an enemy for my birf-day.

A: We never wash the van because it's big because we never wash it because it's big.

A: I had an old teacher. This [classroom] was her attic.

A: I only know how old my mom is. She's 60.......? I do not know. (She's probably in her 30's.)

Can you tell we had a hard time staying on topic yesterday? Any time I asked him a question, he took the opportunity to talk and ran with it.

I have also heard a few funny things in sharing time recently, but not from my kids.

Sis. W: What are your names? (Said to two visiting brothers.)
Visitor 1: My brother and me just changed our names.
Visitor 2: Yeah, I'm Simon.
Visitor 1: And I'm Theodore.

Sis. C: M. come up and pick a hat. (As part of a singing time activity.)
M: Don't mess up my pretty hair.

Sis H was talking about Lehi's family traveling through the wilderness and leaving so much behind.
M: I got two new purses. I would bring them. I could fit a lot of stuff in those.


jeanine said...

Okay.. so my favorite quotes were about the attic and the visitors saying their names were Simon and Theodore! Great!

And I seriously doubt you scare the kids. William cries almost every week and he's got the nicest teacher ever.

Kelly said...

You are an amazing teacher, even in Primary! I know that you probably spend 90% of your time holding it together without laughing or crying, but you get through it, right?! Don't worry, you aren't destined to be a Primary Teacher forever!!

trentnjeanmorello said...

I am sure you are a great Primary Teacher. Having been a Primary teacher for close to seven years I know how you feel. I have had classes where the children would bring me to tears because they would be crazy and I felt overwhelmed. I guess I am lucky though because for the past 3 years my class has been awesome! Stay with it though...from experience the children will learn to love you and you will have an impact on them that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Lauri said...

When I was teaching Sunbeams, Joy Miller absolutely refused to come to class one Sunday. She was crying and throwing a tantrum, etc. When her mom asked her why, she told her that the week before, I had made them take off their shoes (I traced their feet as part of an activity)and she was afraid I'd make her do it again and she had holes in her socks.

Amanda B. said...

It is definitely not you these kids are afraid of! Kids go through strange cycles of emotions at that age, so hang in there- you are doing a great job. And, like Kelly said, it won't last forever (only YW callings do.......)

Erin said...

Okay i have a few ideas for you to try.

bottles of wedding bubbles
bring in some dressup clothes

Use the candy to bribe through sharing time, and also show them the fun bag of tricks.
Don't worry it's not you, they just gave you the hard age group.
And also have a fun treat for yourself.

Autumn said...

Those are SO great. I love it how kids repeat things they JUST said to try to explain what they JUST said. That's so hilarious.

I'm surprised, I really think you have got to be a great primary teacher. I'm not just saying that. Because you're such a super Mom of younger kids I just picture you putting on an extraordinary show for them. So if its possible to explain, is it the kids getting off track that makes it hard? I just can't picture you in tears from these tykes. I love it that you're able to write down what they're saying.

BTW, I so enjoy the updates on the sidebars. Parker comes up with some great things. Are comedians filling his brains with lines or what?

utmomof5 said...

I will take RS presidency any day of the week over primary teacher. I do get some good quotes in RS but nothing like yours. :)

Traci Elizabeth said...

I love the story your mom just shared about Joy...too funny. I used to teach primary but i had the 8-10 year olds, it was fun...but I would probably join the Church of Mary or something If I had to teach little ones. You are tough, keep it up!

The Cochran Family said...

LOL...I love it when you write these...can you ever keep a straight face while there saying these crazy things? I can relate to you with the whole can't leave without crying thing...such a hard draining calling that leaves you wondering why you came to chuch that day, but as always we know better....don't we??? :)

Kim said...

Ah the joy of primary... all I can say is for your sake I hope they are potty trained.

Valarie said...

HAHA! I actually miss being in Primary. I feel the same way about going to YW every week that you do about the primary. eeek!

Kim said...

Yeah I doubt the bathroom will be my favorite to clean once I have boys. Growing up I hated cleaning the bathroom because of my brothers I'm sure they were better than little boys but I do remember after cleaning up after them on one occasion yelling at them to aim better. Sippy cups in the floor vents that is impressive I can't believe he figured out how to get them in there.

Kim said...

and hopefully you don't mind but I did copy the idea of writing interesting facts about her from you, among other things.

SHIRLEY'S said...

Those are so funny! I dont know how you dont just love it. I would let them get onto tangents. Those are the greatest. You have to make the parents books for the end of the year.I bet they would love them!

Pedersens said...

I love reading these! They are so funny. I hear things like this every week working in the primary presidency.... at least it can give you a little chuckle if you are having a bad Sunday. Keep it up I bet you are a great teacher and I would love you as one of our teachers too.