Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Festivities

Two holidays in one week? Could life be any better?

The boys got really into egg dying this year. Poor Spence. You wouldn't know it to look at him, but he is a big time egg dyer. He comes up with all kinds of fancy ways to dye Easter eggs and the boys just wouldn't let him.

Anyone recognize these Easter clothes? If you have little boys, they were probably wearing the same thing. I searched the world over for Easter clothes for my crazies. Why is it so hard to find church clothes for little boys? I saw these at Children's Place a few weeks ago, but wasn't crazy about them so I kept on searching. When I finally caved because I couldn't find anything else, I went back to Children's Place on Friday to make a purchase. Big mistake. They were so picked over. There were all kinds of combinations to mix and match, but there was very little left in my kids sizes. The only choice of pants for Gray were white. Not only do they look like temple pants, but they don't hold up well to a blowout.

Believe it or not, this is what Reid looked like before church. Although he was dressed and hair was fixed 20 minutes before this picture, it only takes Reid 30 seconds to turn into this. He's all the cuter for it.

Parker came up with this pose on his own. Love it!

Gray was NOT happy before church. We had to retake his pictures afterwards.

Spencer is included in our family...and even got some new Easter duds...but refused to let me post his pictures on the World Wide Web.

I got a new Easter dress this year. I can't remember the last time I got an Easter dress...or any kind of dress. I love dresses but it's hard to find one that works. Darn modesty issues. I also purchased a very safe, very typical, skirt and top and another very regular, very over priced dress. I tried them on at home repeatedly before I decided to go for the fashion risk (at a great price might I add). I'm very happy I did. It was a cocktail dress turned jumper by the addition of a shirt. It worked. Who knew?

Spence got a little tired of taking my picture after about three unflattering pictures. I tried to take one of myself, but couldn't get my dress in the pic.

The kids enjoyed all the Easter festivities. We really missed having the Edwards over for Easter dinner...It had been a tradition for like five years running. It was kind of a lonely dinner all by ourselves. Spencer had no one to laugh at him when he complained about his rolls. And there was no one to finish off our twice baked potatoes and deviled eggs. And no one to pretend they like asparagus. We miss you guys! The good news was that I only had one primary kid there on Sunday. I had girded up my loins for some over stimulated, over sugared four year olds. But one wasn't so bad. I didn't come home too frantic to cook a delicious meal.

All in all, another holiday success.


jeanine said...

Love all these pictures!!! With all the birthdays and holidays falling on the same week at our house I couldn't bring myself to buy cute Easter clothes this year. Your boys are adorable... and your dress is great! I don't know when the last time I bought a dress.... probably in high school. Way to go!

utmomof5 said...

Hoe handsome are you boys, I have some pretty cute girls at my house, maybe in 20 years or so! :)

Cute dress by the way -- I hate shopping for modest dresses, it;s nearly impossible to find anything.

utmomof5 said...

That is supposed to be "how" handsome are your boys. I do not know how a garden tool got into my comment.

Kelly said...

Those are the cutest boys I have ever seen!! I especially love the one of them on their tummies, with Gray crying! I love the dress- the color is amazing on you- especially with your new glasses! You look beautiful- as usual!
Glad your class wasn't so bad- I covered in nursery yesterday for 1/2 the time- it was full!! Glad you posted a ton of pictures, I loved them!

Erin said...

What a cute dress. I hate dress shopping because I sometimes wish I could wear no sleaves. You look great and the boys are so handsome. My mom has a blog to, we told her it could be her journal with pictures!!

Autumn said...

I love the pictures!!! Your kids are SO darling. No kidding, I've thought of your boys in those cute Easter outfits a number of times since last year. I think its because it was the first time it occured to me that little boys can also get special outfits for Easter. (A lot of new things occur to me since being a mom.) I love it that you got yourself a new dress. Very cute. I really like your glasses. Your home looks cozy.

Traci Elizabeth said...

You all Look adorable! I LOVE Gray's shirt!! And you are one hot MOMMMA!

Pedersens said...

I loved looking at all the pictures Katie. Your family is adorable. The boys look so handsome and you looked beautiful too! I love the dress... now you have what 5 church outfits to switch around? ;) Just like me.

Kim said...

such handsome boys. I love their outfits especially the ties!! Great pictures.

Crystal said...

I miss you so much!! You are just so fun. I read your posts and just wish I was more fun. Maybe one day I will be. I am trying. Zac begs me to do fun things. I don't know why, but I've just become this fuddy duddy. Oh well, good thing I'm given more days to live.

SHIRLEY'S said...

How cute are you Katie! I love the dress. You are one hot momma!

Abbey said...

Love your boys clothes anyway. they looked very springy. However, nothing tops the orange pants. I loved your dress too. Isnt it nice to get all dressed up? We missed your dinner too. Maybe you can freeze your leftovers until we come to visit.