Monday, February 11, 2008

Pictures Say A Thousand Words

Traci asked the wrong girl to share wedding pictures. I LOVE wedding pictures...mine or anybody else's. I am more than happy to share, but I have to share a lot. I really wasn't planning on unpacking pictures while we were renting...they're not a necessity right? So I made it 4 weeks without unpacking pictures.

I loved my wedding was very garden party-esque.
I had the whole thing in my back yard.

This was my food table...we served petifours,
dipped strawberries and miniature rasberry tarts.

I don't have a good picture of my wedding line.
This was the best I bridesmaids or groomsmen.

This is what the table centerpieces looked like...
each teacup belonged to a family member...
mother, grandmothers, and great grandmother.
And the sweet peas inside were in honor of my dad.

Mom and I

My front porch.

My love D-Spencer.

We were totally cake-smashers.
I will never regret it. So fun.

This in one of my favorite pictures of a group of
my college girlfriends that drove down.


Traci said we were supposed to tag three people. I'm having a hard time limiting it to three. But I'm tagging Jessica (I know you don't usually do tags, but I am dying to see your wedding pictures), Brittnee (I'm always sad I missed your wedding, but I was far too pregnant to fly), and Cindy (I believe I attended your wedding, but I must have been 3 or 4).

Anyone else who wants to post wedding pictures and tag three people who's weddings you did not attend, please do. Like I said, I love wedding pictures and I'm sure I'll be checking your blogs.


jeanine said...

Katie... I LOVED your wedding! It was perfect! I love your pictures too!

Kelly said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! You were a beautiful bride! Thanks for sharing!

Traci Elizabeth said...

Lovely!! Its funny, I wasnt there but that is exactly how I pictured your dress, reception, everything!! Thanks for playing along with my tag!

Lauri said...

That was a fun wedding to put together, wasn't it? I just love looking at the pictures (except the one of me and you. Why was I wearing my hair in such an old lady style?)


Betheny & Jacob said...

Love the dress. Love the hat. Love the food. Love the cake. And of course, love the bride!

utmomof5 said...

Love your dress!! I love wedding pictures too! Maybe I will take up this tag.


Pedersens said...

You were BEAUTIFUL on your wedding day! I love the hat too, I was waiting to see pictures of it.

Cynthia said...

ok - that was weird. I just wrote a post about our wedding photos and then clicked on yours to see what new photos you had. That is some kind of telepathy. Surely you remember my wedding . . . in the photos, Jeff was a baby in your dad's arms so yeah, you would have been 3 or 4.
Your wedding was gorgeous. I loved your cake table glowing from underneath - very cool. And I loved that we got a family vacation to San Diego out of it too.

Stew and Traci said...

HI katie, I am not sure if you will remember me or not. I actually was shocked to come across your blog and honestly your mom was the first one I noticed. I am Traci Hancock my Mom and Dad were friends of your Mom and Dad. WE lived in Winslow. I loved seeing the pictures of your wedding and loved so much that you honored your dad! My dad passed away a year after your I believe leaving our two crazy moms with eachothe. Your mom gave my mom the courage to move to the valley and get on with her life. I think of her often and hope she is doing well. Sorry this is so random, but I hope you to are well!

Lauri said...

Traci...tell your mom to get in touch with me again! Also, you and Katie met once when we were in Winslow. I always thought you two would be good friends if you'd had the chance to get to know each other.

rachel said...

Wow I didn't remember how beautiful it was. Well, I probably wasn't paying much attention at the time. Nowadays, I'm worried about making my own future reception beautiful!

SHIRLEY'S said...

LOVED every single picture! you were radiant, seriously... and the hat... LOVED IT! Totally you!

Your dress... loved it! You are too cute Katie!

Autumn said...

AHHH. I'm dying to see the pictures that aren't posted. Please post again!!! I also love wedding pictures. I will surely do this myself, though I may wait for our anniversary? I can't wait to see these.

Autumn said...

Thanks so much for reposting these. OH! I love them. Looks like there are still some missing (which I just might check back to see if the picture fairy takes care of them...but I surely understand if the picture fair is too busy). I LOVE those centerpieces. I'm pretty sure that is the most charming sentimental beautiful creative idea EVER. Have you submitted this to a magazine? Seriously.