Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We Are Living In A Material World And I Am A Material Girl

OK, I'm getting around to it. Another blogging game...list my top 15 favorite things. Materialistic, sure, but we all have our favorite things right? This is a tough one for me. At first I couldn't come up with 15 things, and then I came up with way more than 15 things. I'm sure the day after I post this, I'll think of five more things I should have listed. My list probably changes from day to day. Being a mom, a good portion of my list comes straight out of my diaper bag. If it's important enough to carry around with me every where I go, it's got to be one of my favorite things.

1. I'll start with my diaper bag itself. I have tested out many diaper bags over the past few years. Only one designed for that purpose. Most have been leather. One (thanks to Marshall's) was even an expensive designer brand. None have lasted long....none until my Timbuk2 bag. This thing is virtually indestructible. And it fits a ton of stuff. It's not as pretty and really doesn't look good with my church clothes, but the nice thing is when I'm out with the fam, Spencer carries it.

2. Disposable diapers. I recently had a conversation with my mother-in-law about the days before disposable diapers. Yuck! It's strange to think that they used to be considered a luxury for the rich and famous. And before that they were nonexistent.

3. Wipes. How did I ever get along without these? I find I need them for everything...not just the kids.

4. Along the same lines...Shout Wipes. I received some in a baby shower gift. I have cleaned many a spit-up stains with these. Not to mention the millions of other stains that come with motherhood. These will forever remain stocked in my diaper bag.

5. Baby formula separator. So convenient.

6. Germ-X. I'm really not any sort of a germaphobe, but my kids have put their hands on some pretty disgusting things. Not to mention the gross places I've had to change diapers. Or the times I've been thrown-up on. It's nice to have clean hands on occasion.

7. My dishes...all of them. I couldn't write a list of my favorite things without including my dishes.

8. Gain laundry detergent. I am too cheap (or too poor) to use Gain. But one time, I lent some maternity clothes to a friend during my off season, and they came back smelling like Gain. I avoided washing them for as long as possible just so I could smell them. One day, when Spencer and I are rolling in the dough, I plan to buy my own Gain Laundry detergent. But for now, I have to sniff my friends dryer exhaust.

9. The J. Crew catalog. I'll take one of everything please. Very few of my clothes actually come from here. If I had my choice, my entire wardrobe would come from J. Crew. For now I just drool over the catalog. A girl can dream, right? Did anyone know J. Crew sells kids clothes? To die for!

10. My sewing machine. I have a Bernina. A sweet electronic one with a little screen and all these awesome stitches and features. I love this machine.

11. Pictures. Pictures are so important to me. I think it's amazing how a moment in time can be captured and printed on to a shiny little piece of paper. Or sent to friends via the internet. I would be devastated if anything ever happened to my pictures.

12. Garnier Fructis Surf Hair. I know it's not some fancy expensive hair product. But I'm glad there's a cheap brand that makes something that works. Without it, my hair (and my boys hair) wouldn't stand up just right.

13. My dish scrubber. This is a recent find, but my kitchen will never be without one from here on out. Thanks RubyAnn!

14. My wedding ring. I love, love, love it. Good job Spence!

15. My computer...or Spencer's really. He got an imac for graduation. If a piece of machinery could ever be beautiful, this is. That's the entire computer by the way. No tower or anything. And without it, I wouldn't be able to blog. And I (obviously) love to blog.

This is a game so I have to pass on the challenge. This time, I pass it on to all my relations. I come from a pretty witty family and I always like what they have to say. So this one is for you.
Some of you like these games and some don't. So anyone else who wants to play, go for it. I'm sure I'll be checking your blogs as well.


Jeffrey Benson said...

If I had a new iMac, it would be my favorite too.

Autumn said...

That imac looks sweet. No tower=more space. How great. Even though I'm not an avid sewer I'd love a Bernina someday. They are so smooth!!

Traci Elizabeth said...

You have me intrigued... I am going to go buy Gain.

jeanine said...

I'm going to have to check some of this stuff out.

Jeffrey Benson said...

P.S. I too use and love Surf Hair

Traci Elizabeth said...

A P.S. from me too, I was watching my show "COPS" tonight..and the cop didnt have a foot!! It was amputated at the ankle. He pulled someone over and the dude ran and the cop was so fast on his fake foot! He caught him! I of course thought of little Reid...prosthetics are amazing!

Pedersens said...

Thanks for listing your 15 favorite things, i think it is fun to see what everyone puts on their list. I will have to try some of the things you listed, i especially LOVE your computer!

Cynthia said...

Gain laundry detergent. That cracks me up. Rachel uses a separate liquid laundry soap. Very separate from ours cheapo powder soap. Her bottle has a skull and crossbones warning to anyone who touches her it. The lovely scent out of the dryer is a dead giveaway that her sisters have "borrowed" a capful.

Hubba's Thoughts said...

You are so sweet! I think it's important to always have things in life that we can splurge on, even if it is laundry detergent. If we don't think we are splurging then life would be so boring and we would take everything for granted! As far as the J Crew stuff, one word, EBAY!!!! I buy most of my kids clothes on EBay and most of the time they are brand new, but much costs much less! Merry Christmas!