Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tough Questions, Tougher Answers

Memories from Halloweens past:

Is it a little too early to be thinking about Halloween costumes? Maybe for most people, but good costumes are important to me. And besides that, I'm thinking I really ought to start on costumes now. I'll have three to make this year and Halloween is only two months away. And right in the middle of the next two months, I'm having another baby. Considering that the baby will only be a month old by Halloween, will I really have enough time on my hands between delivery and costume time? I doubt it. So for me...it's not too early.

I got this brilliant idea that Parker would be just about the cutest little golfer ever. And what an easy costume. Plus, a little out of the ordinary. And pieces like a polo shirt or argyle socks could be used again. Not to mention he gets some toy golf clubs out of it...brilliant. And while my kids are young, I like to dress them in themed costumes. Like last year...a pirate and parrot. I thought maybe Reid could be a caddy or a golf tee or something and a baby would make a great golf ball. OR I think Parker looks a little like Chicken Little and Reid would be a pretty cute Runt (his pig friend). I can see that turning out pretty cute as well.

But Parker is way too opinionated. At age three, he wants nothing to do with such a plan. He wants only to be a monster (the Frankenstein kind of monster). He'll have nothing to do with anything else. So do I continue with themed costumes? I suppose we could go for the classic spooky Halloween characters. Reid could be a mummy and the baby a vampire or skeleton or something. Truthfully, Reid would make a good mummy. It seems a little too cliche for me. But as classic as these costumes are, my boys would be among the few monsters out there. These days, if it's not a character costume, it's original. So do I go with the classic Halloween theme? or just forgo themed costumes and make them each something different? I do think a baby would make a cute caterpillar...like the fat Bugs Life kind.

While it may seem trivial, these are tough questions for a girl like me. There is no easy answer and Halloween is something I really don't want to screw up. Now if I could just put as much thought into naming our next child as I do into Halloween costumes, I'd be set. That's right. Baby number 3 is only 5 weeks from arrival and we're still playing the name game. What should we name this kid? We have atleast discussed it at this point and a couple of superhero names have actually made the list. Optimus Prime being at the top. Spencer and I have sat down three different nights to discuss it and three times Spencer has been snoring before we were finished narrowing it down. I get so frustrated with his lack of enthusiasm and interest, that I never want to discuss it with him. But slowly, our list is getting shorter. I'm at the point I need to pull the list out every night for the next few weeks and we should be set by the time the baby comes.

I'm not the kind that needs to be settled on a name before the baby is born. Neither of my boys had a name for a couple of days. Reid was decided on as we were leaving the hospital. I just want to narrow it down to a few and decide when we see him. I'd ideally like to have a couple of months to say those few names over and over in my head and out loud a few times to make sure I don't get sick of them. I unfortunately can not afford that luxury this time. Maybe I can settle for a few weeks. Wish us luck.

And speaking of unanswered questions...Why do I keep finding the mustard in unusual places around our house over the past few weeks? I caught the culprit red handed on Sunday. Reid is too little to open the fridge and Parker insisted he didn't do it...and he's good about fessing up when he did something. He's too young to consider lying about it. But on Sunday, I saw it happen. It is Reid. He waits until the fridge is almost closed and my back (or in this case, Spencer's back) is turned. Then he reaches is little hand in the fridge door and snatches the mustard right out of the fridge before it closes then takes off faster than you can notice anything happened. What a nut. And why the mustard?


Traci Elizabeth said...

I was trying to think of a costume for Olivia just a few days ago... so you are not alone. You are right, Parker would be an adorable golfer. Personally I don't like the whole ghost, goblin witch thing. I think its kind of dark. but, I am sure you would do it in away that had "Katie" written all over it!

Jeff said...

I appreciate the comment on my kdis music taste...However I'm afraid I discoverd an swear on one of those songs that I had, for whatever reason, never noticed, becuase it's fairly blatant. Not only is it a swear, it's the mother of all swear words...The F Dash Dash Dash word...So if it's there, I'm very sorry.

Traci Elizabeth said...

by the way... last year there was a family in my ward that had 3 little boys. For Halloween the oldest boy was a fireman, the middle boy was a firetruck and the little baby was a dalmation. It was adorable!!!

Lauri said...

I was thinking about Halloween the other day and wondering if you had costume ideas yet. My thought was that it had been on your mind for at least a month. And I also thought you'd have them done before the new little kiddo comes.
Don't look to me for ideas...I'm not a Halloween person. But I can help sew if you come up with the idea!

jeanine said...

Parker WOULD be a cute golfer. You are so good about Halloween. I just go for the easiest possible costume. This year that consists of Jacob's old Tigger costume for William.
And mustard? Too funny.
Good luck with the baby names too... optimus prime is my fave so far.

Cindy said...

Katie, Katie, Katie . . . you are missing out on a fine Whipple tradition. We take our wonderfully adorable home-sewn costumes and make ALL our kids wear them. i.e. -every two year old is a peacock, every three year old is a clown. That is simply the way the family tradition goes. Haven't you ever seen your mom's childhood picture? Many, many clowns!