Monday, July 30, 2007

In Utero

I had another ultrasound this afternoon. I considered posting a picture, but someone else's ultrasound pictures never really mean anything to anyone else. Plus, who really wants to see a picture of the inside of my uterus anyway? The whole pregnancy thing really isn't as awesome and beautiful to me as it should be. Not that I don't think it's miraculous. I'm amazed that you can plant a seed and get a tomato, let alone a person. It's just that I think it's a little disturbing to have a little person living inside of me. I'm at the point where the baby moves all the time and every kick just reminds me that there is a human in my abdomen.

So as to not sound ungrateful, I am so blessed to have had two and 2/3 healthy pregnancies so far. I am so glad that struggling to get pregnant or carrying a child to term are not trials I've had to bear. Even though it weirds me out, it is a miracle and I love motherhood - post-pregnancy. Or maybe more like post 12 months or maybe 18. Sometimes I think I'd be willing to deliver a 32 pound baby if he came out as old as Reid...walking, sleeping, communicating, feeding himself and attending nursery. Although, my babies tend to be pretty near that big anyway. This baby weighs 1.2 pounds more than a normal baby at 31 weeks. He looks like a baby a full two weeks older than he is. You'd think that'd be good news and maybe I'll deliver early, but judging by past experience, it means nothing.

We still have no ideas for a baby name. Well I can't say no ideas. We did read over lists of names last night but before we were finished going through lists, Spencer was snoring. Not because I made him read over lists at three in the morning since I'm awake all night anyway. It was only 9:00, but it's just that boring and we just don't agree. It's been drawn to our attention that both of our boys have names of superheros secret identities. (Peter PARKER - Spiderman and REID Richards - Mr. Fantastic) So if anyone knows any good superhero names, maybe you could send them our way to keep up this theme. Otherwise, we'll have to stick with Bruce Wayne (AKA Batman).

So probably contributing to Spencer's early night last night, we put the bunk beds up and moved Reid into Parker's room this weekend. Reid has discovered a new found freedom being able to get out of bed on his own. The two of them just feed off each other. I can't tell you how many times the two of them came tearing down the hall in boisterous laughter. Reid tends to be a heavy sleeper, but Parker is quite the opposite. So when Parker got up 3:30 early Sunday morning, he flipped the lights on and made sure Reid knew he was up. And that started another hour of repeatedly returning two boys to their beds. Last night they made it through the night, but Reid, who usually sleeps until 7:30 or 8:00 was up with Parker at 6:00. I'm hoping they get over this quickly.

I don't know how it is that I have so much to write when I write a few times a week. I'm a wordy person. But I still have one more story. I think I may have spoken too soon when I said how proud I was of Parker for getting something from family scripture study. A few days ago I saw Parker going back and forth across the hall into my room with all his covers and pillows and just about ever spare blanket we own. I just let him do what he was doing. I didn't want to disrupt his creativity, plus he was entertaining himself which gave me a little break. When he seemed to be finished, I finally wandered down the hall to see what he was up to and I found a gigantic mound of all of these blankets and pillows and Parker kneeling on top saying a prayer. When he was finished, I asked him what he was doing and he replied that he had built a Rameumptom, but we're supposed to kneel down to pray which was why he was kneeling, not standing on his Rameumptom. So he's half-way got it. I'm glad he's retaining something.


jeanine said...

Rich votes for Logan... as in Wolverine.

jeanine said...

Rich and I have the hardest time coming up with boy names! We decided that we need to start thinking of boy names now just in case we ever have another boy. Rich had a good time coming up with serveral superhero-type names for your enjoyment and aid while attempting to find a name for Smith boy #3.

Johnny Blaze
Frank Castle
Scott Summers
Harry Potter
Frodo Baggins
Charles Xavior
Clark Kent
Lex Luthor
Super Mario
Kuppa Troopa
Luke Skywalker
Al Gore
Optimus Prime
Sargent Slaughter
Van Damm

Autumn said...

Katie, I love the John Jacob Jinglehiemer SMITH name-partially b/c it goes so well with your last name, partly b/c it was my favorite song in kindgergarten. Who knew I'd marry a man with part of that name? I always thought it would be fun to name my kids-boys especially names of the gods or superheroes. Particuluarly Hercules! I don't think I could follow through with that though. But some cruel Utah parents have-read on. (


Denim Levi
Golden Noble
Helamans Warrior
Iron Rod
Kay C
Nephi Courage
Stockton Malone
Welcome Exile


Allora LaLovi
Celestial Starr
Christmas Contada
Cumorah Hill
DaLinda LaDale
Heavenly Melanie
Justa Cowgirl
Kaysional Tempest
Lovie Angel
Miracles Precious One
Mormon Beauty
Rhyan K'Ci
Thankful Flood
Zion Anakin

Traci Elizabeth said...

im definately in for Luke (skywalker)....Luke is a hot boy name

Joy said...

I'm all for either Bruce or Wayne -- though I agree that Logan is REALLY cool. And Luke.

Jeff said...

Race Bannon...undoubtedly. You allready stole Parker, I though I'd GIVE you this one.